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Wild Love of God
Wild Love of God by Chris Dupre

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Author: Chris Dupre
Subtitle: A Journey That Heals Life's Deepest Wounds
Format: Paperback
Length: 175 Pages
Published: 2016

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Chris DuPre, acclaimed worship leader, musician, and speaker, shares his story of growing up in small-town, Upstate New York with his unpredictable dad, a WWII vet struggling with PTSD before PTSD was diagnosable.

Even amid financial frailty and a broken family, Chris DuPre traces the finger of God that, against all odds, led him through emotional and physical abuse in childhood to a miraculous conversion in adolescence during the Jesus Movement, and, years later, to a pivotal decision in a garden between two options: love or bitterness.

Written with candor, humor, and grace, this is a narrative of forgiving those before us and loving those around us that every Christian will instantly recognize. Although names may change, the cosmic story remains the same: we can love because He first loved us – with a wild, cleansing, transformative love.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Mike Bickle
Part 1: Life With My Father
Chapter 1: David’s Story
Chapter 2: The Return of a War Hero
Chapter 3: In My Father’s House
Chapter 4: School Daze
Chapter 5: A New Song
Part 2: Life With My New Father
Chapter 6: Face-to-Face
Chapter 7: Knowing the Father’s Heart
Chapter 8: The Journey of Forgiveness
Chapter 9: The Gift of Forgiveness
Part 3: A Father’s Wild Love
Chapter 10: Papa’s Kiss
Chapter 11: The Gift Keeps Giving
Chapter 12: Wild Love
Chapter 13: “I Think I Have My Son Back”
About the Author

Wow! What a book. What a story. The Wild Love of God is a journey of radical forgiveness. In it, Chris DuPre gives us his life message: the unconditional, healing, transforming love of our heavenly Father. Chris’s personal transformation brought healing and life into the painful memories of his upbringing with his father, a former WWII POW. Reading this book is like watching a beautiful miracle unfold as deep healing takes place first in the son and then in the heart of his father, who needs forgiveness to have his own freedom. I laughed and I wept as I read this wonderful gift to us all.
Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, California

In his book, The Wild Love of God, Chris DuPre touches the hearts of us all. He tells a story of pain that everyone can relate to and shows how forgiveness and the Father’s love bring life and peace. The Wild Love of God is a joyous read and a life-changing message!
John Arnott, Founding Pastor, Catch the Fire Ministries

About the Author:
Chris DuPre carries within his heart ne great desire, that people would know the depths of God’s great love for them. He shares the knowledge of one who has seen God’s face and knows God’s heart. Originally from Upstate NY, Chris moved to Kansas City to work alongside Mike Bickle in establishing the International House of Prayer. Chris recently served as Associate Pastor at Grace Center Church in Franklin, TN, and now is an associate pastor of Life Center in Harrisburg, PA. A pastor, teacher, worship leader, traveling speaker, and spiritual father to many. Chris may best be known for his song, “Dance With Me.” He has produced seven albums and published two books, including The Lost Art of Pure Worship with James Goll. Parents of three daughters and grandparents of five grandchildren, Chris and his wife, Laura, reside in Harrisburg, PA.