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Why Is God So Mad At Me?
Why Is God So Mad At Me? by Pat Schatzline

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Author: Pat Schatzline
Subtitle: Dispelling the Lies Many People Believe
Format: Paperback
Length: 206 Pages
Published: 2013

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God is not mad at you.  God loves you.  You may have heard it a thousand times, and it is a common theme in Christianity.  But do you believe it?  Many of the messages we hear every day – from both society and the church – tell you the exact opposite.

As a result, millions of people from all backgrounds have bought into the idea that God is not only angry but also that He’s angry with them.  This belief is damaging countless lives.  In Why Is God So Mad at Me? Pat Schatzline sets the record straight, introducing you to a God who accepts us, transforms us, renews us, and gives us a future filled with abundant blessing and opportunity.  

Table of Contents
Foreword by Reinhard Bonnke, DD
Foreword by Banning Leibscher

Part 1: The God Misconception
Chapter 1: A Culture Full of Noise
Chapter 2: The Truth About Natural Disasters
Chapter 3: God Is a Good Father

Part 2: Getting to Know the Father

Chapter 4: God Adopted Us Into His Family
Chapter 5: God Is Not an Absentee Father
Chapter 6: God Makes Us Secure
Chapter 7: God Allows Us to Choose
Chapter 8: God Doesn’t Think the Way We Do
Chapter 9: God Wants to Be Our Friend
Chapter 10: God and Jesus Are One
Chapter 11: God Disciplines Those He Loves
Chapter 12: God Wants Us to Be Blessed
Chapter 13: God Is Cheering for Us

Part 3: But God Must Be Mad at Me
Chapter 14: Terrible Things Have Happened to Me
Chapter 15: God Made a Mistake When He Created Me
Chapter 16: My Church Teaches That God Is Angry
Chapter 17: I’ve Made Too Many Mistakes
Chapter 18: God Allowed Me to Get Sick
Chapter 19: The Devil Is a Liar!
Chapter 20: Does God Get Mad?
Chapter 21: Five Ways God Proves He Is Not Mad at You
Chapter 22: It’s Time to Wake Up!
Chapter 23: This Is No Easy Walk

I have crisscrossed the globe for over four exciting decades, ministering to people from every background and walk of life.  Pat Schatzline’s book answers a universal question I have heard over and over again throughout the years. Granted, people word it differently, but their hearts ache with the twisted fear that God has failed them, forgotten them, or forsaken them.  Pat gives straightforward, biblical and yet compassionate answers to this universal dilemma.  He paints a woeful picture of the unending love of God.  Many of us have secretly asked Jesus how far we’d have to go to get beyond His love’s reach.  As reflected in Pat’s book, the Lord reminds us all that we can’t go far enough to exhaust His love – because if we ever got to the end of His arm, the only thing left for us to do would be to fall into a nail print!
Jeanne Mayo, Youth Pastor, Speaker, and Author

Do you know who your heavenly Father is?  The truth is you will never know your true identity and potential until you know your Father God and how much He believes in you.  This book will show you who God your Father is and in turn will help you see your own identity in Him.  This book had me in tears as I came to a new revelation of God as my Father.  No matter where you are in life, you need this book.  The majority of us, at one time or another, has asked, “Why is God so mad at me?”  Throughout this book Pat shows with brilliant clarity not only who God is but also that He absolutely is not mad at you.  What a freeing truth!
Jeremy Donovan, Pastor, Seven Youth Ministries, Claremore, OK; Author of The Hard Way

About the Author
Pat Schatzline is the cofounder of Mercy Seat Ministries, Inc.  One of America’s leading communicators and an evangelist to all ages, he and his wife, Karen, have ministered internationally to more than two million people.  Known for his crazy humor and unique ability to communicate God’s Word with passion, Pat’s mission is to introduce a generation to the awesome love of the Father and believers to God’s amazing power.