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Why Good People Mess Up
Why Good People Mess Up by John Sandford

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Author: John Sandford
Subtitle: Keys to Upright Living in a Seductive World
Format: Paperback
Length: 206 Pages
Published: 2007

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Why do good people fall into immorality and hurt the people they love most? Why does it seem that todays most visible, powerful leaders are so easily giving in to temptation despite the loss of reputation, respect, and position that it inevitably brings?

Why Good People Mess Up explains the powerful unseen forces that can drive people into adultery and other sexual sins. It includes practical guidelines and understanding for everyone involved help and hope for those who want to stand in the face of overwhelming compulsions, and knowledge and forgiveness for those who have been hurt.

The truth it, nobody is immune to sexual temptation. Why Good People Mess Up helps us understand why this is such an issue in our postmodern world. With a focus on historical, theological, and cultural causes combined with a solution-oriented look at the personal causes of moral failure, this book is a highly effective tool for maintaining purity in our immoral world.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Personal Causes for Sexual Sins and How to Overcome Them
Chapter 1: Why Some Christians Commit Adultery

Chapter 2: Defilement

Chapter 3: Attachments and Transferences

Chapter 4: Fornication

Chapter 5: Pornography, Voyeurism, Fantasy, and Masturbation

Chapter 6: Homosexuality

Part 2: Historical, Cultural, and Theological Causes
Preface to Part 2

Chapter 7: Historical Causes for Sexual Sins

Chapter 8: Cultural and Theological Causes for Sexual Sins

Chapter 9: Cheap Grace



About the Author

John Loren Sandford graduated from theological seminary with an M.Div. in religion. He pastured churches for twenty-one years before founding Elijah House with his wife, Paula. The Sandfords are considered pioneers in the prophetic and healing movements of our day. They have been married since 1951, have six children, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren