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Whole Soul
Whole Soul by Gayle Rogers

Price: $19.99
Author: Gayle Rogers
Subtitle: Rescripting Your Life for Personal Transformation
Format: Paperback
Length: 171 Pages
Published: 2014

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Transform your life as you change your thoughts. A key to wholeness is found in this simple yet profound truth. The Whole Soul offers simple solutions to earth-shattering, overwhelming, everyday life crises. Transformation has never been easy, yet we have the solution to every issue we encounter. Imagine living a lifestyle where you literally have the power to walk over every circumstance, every obstacle, and every challenge. A lifestyle where you have authority to take captive every debilitating thought and toxic mindset – changing your life permanently. Eternity is in the hearts of men/women (Eccl. 3:11) giving dominion over every thought. You see, the circumstances we face everyday are simply the result of our perception and how we navigate our thought life. In the pages of this book you will find the opportunity to choose victory over defeat.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Dr. Bruce Cook
Chapter 1: Creating Your Destiny Realm
Chapter 2: What’s Wrong with My Belief System and Why Do I Need to change It?
Chapter 3: A New Thought Paradigm
Chapter 4: The DNA Power Gene
Chapter 5: Vibrational Frequencies
Chapter 6: Come Up Higher
Chapter 7: Shifting the Subconscious Mind
Chapter 8: Legitimizing and Activating Your Authentic Identity
Chapter 9: Transforming Victims with Addictive Personality Behaviors


Daily we are confronted with messages through the media, billboards, etc. that say we need to look this way or act this way in order to be accepted. I believe there is an identity crisis in our world that will only be solved by listening to God’s message of who we truly are. Dr. Gayle has brought out in her book, The Whole Soul, a message of how to change this crisis in one’s life and reach one’s true, God-given potential and destiny. Dr. Gayle has done this in an inspiring and authentic way, showing that when one applies God’s principles and really believes His word, one can walk in new freedom of true identity. I encourage you to read this book to get tools of walking in true freedom.
Elisabeth Cochrane, Director, Business with a Mission, YWAM

This is a wonderful book full of innovative insights and revelation on how to recognize and repair fractured thought patterns and emotions that sabotage your personal wholeness and destiny. The Whole Soul is a great resource for any who might feel they have a significant call into the mountains of societal influence – as our brokenness of soul becomes exposed in proportion to the expanded level of influence we carry. To be an agent of transformation, we must first experience personal transformation and you will find that Gayle has skillfully intertwined breakthrough science and revelatory understanding in order to get us there.
Johnny Enlow, Author, Speaker, Social Reformer

Each of us are on a unique journey in our lives that contains an array of colors, sounds, and memories that have shaped who we are today. Who we choose to become every step of the way in our journey is like moldable clay that will shape not only our future, but also the future of the generations to come. I loved my journey and the transformation process with Dr. Gayle as I read through The Whole Soul. Her engaging, conversational style made her an excellent travelling companion for me. This book gives us powerful tools that will help shape our lives and the lives of future generations, resulting in nations shifting into their destinies!
Ruth Lum, Intercessor, Dream Interpreter

About to Author:

Dr. Gayle Rogers is a mental health professional, integrating a clinical therapeutic approach using cognitive behavioral therapy along with the healing power of God’s Word. An expert in posttraumatic stress disorder, depression/anxiety, personality disorders, sexual trauma and domestic violence, she is a clinically certified treatment specialist in both domestic violence and sexual offense. Dr. Gayle teaches clients to reframe thought patterns, ridding the body and mind of toxic emotional traumas.
Drawing on her foundation of faith and years of experience, Dr. Rogers is founder and president of Forever Free, Inc. and A.C.E. Network where she trains “trainers” to facilitate wholeness and healing of mind, spirit and soul. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies and has been married to her husband, Ed, for more than 32 years. Together they have three daughters, seven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.