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Weapons of Our Warfare
Weapons of Our Warfare by Phil Hopper

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Author: Phil Hopper
Subtitle: Using the Full Armor of God to Defeat the Enemy
Format: Paperback
Length: 280 Pages
Published: 2020

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Right now, there is a real spiritual battle going on in the unseen realm. Every Christian must equip themselves against the forces of darkness. Victory is possible when we use the full armor of God described in Ephesians 6.

In Pastor Phil Hopper’s first book, Defeating the Enemy, he helped identify the devil’s strategies. Now, in The Weapons of Our Warfare, Pastor Hopper takes readers to the next level of spiritual warfare!

Learn how to:
  • Break free from Satan’s strongholds: learn how to overcome destructive life patterns.
  • Exercise your Kingdom authority: engage the enemy from a place of victory.
  • Use the full armor of God: understand the spiritual significance and practical application of each piece of armor.

Spiritual warfare is a call to arms. Use the Armor of God to claim your victory and demolish the enemy’s work in your life today!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: At War with the Rulers of Darkness
Chapter 1: The Unseen Enemy
Chapter 2: Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness
Chapter 3: Rulers of the Darkness of This Age

Part 2: Time to Take a Stand!
Chapter 4: Principalities and Powers
Chapter 5: The Accuser

Part 3: Anchor Your Life to the Truth
Chapter 6: The Belt of Truth
Chapter 7: What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

Part 4: Waging War Against the Enemy
Chapter 8: A Holy Heart Is a Healthy Heart
Chapter 9: The Wiles of the Devil

Part 5: Keeping the Peace in a World War
Chapter 10: Jesus Won the Day
Chapter 11: Christ Our Peace
Chapter 12: God’s Amazing Grace

Part 6: Your Shield of Faith on Life’s Battlefield
Chapter 13: Fighting the Good Fight of Faith
Chapter 14: The Power of Community: Uniting Shields of Faith

Part 7: Winning the War Within
Chapter 15: Who’s in Charge? God’s Chain of Command
Chapter 16: Don’t Give Place to the Enemy
Chapter 17: Holding the High Ground

Part 8: Unleashing Divine Power
Chapter 18: A Two-Edged Sword Cuts Both Ways
Chapter 19: Time to Go on the Offensive
Chapter 20: God’s Winning Strategy

Part 9: The Warrior’s Prayer
Chapter 21: Real-Life Extraterrestrials
Chapter 22: Wherever God Marches, Satan Opposes
Chapter 23: The Value of Prayer Volume


Pastor Phil has written the most practical book on spiritual warfare that I have read. Reflecting on his experience in physical warfare as a Kansas City Police Department officer and his time as a pastor experiencing every trick and lie of the enemy. Pastor Phil gives a very straightforward guide to understanding and applying the principles of war with the weapons of war as outlined in Scripture. Every Christian needs to have a copy of this book. I loved it.
William Boykin, LTG, Retired, U.S. Army; Executive Vice President, Family Research Council

The Weapons of Our Warfare by Pastor Phil is quite simply, a MUST READ! The way the book blends real-world events with the spiritual battle with which we all struggle creates a tactical pay for us to win. The book can’t be described – it has to be experienced. Break open the cover, start reading, experience it – and there are things in your spiritual world you will never approach the same way again!
Robert Kuehl, Deputy Chief, Metropolitan Police Dept

About the Author:
Phil Hopper has been the led pastor of Abundant Life Church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, since 2000. He watched God do extraordinary things in the life of the church as it has grown from 100 people to a mega church touching thousands and thousands of people each week. Prior to entering the ministry, he was a police officer and sergeant with the Kansas City Police Department where he served as a SWAT team member. It was through this experience that God uniquely prepared him for the ministry. Phil lives in the Lee’s Summit are with his wife, Christa. They have three children: Jake, Makay, and Josh.