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War for Your Bloodline
War for Your Bloodline by Dayna Milam

Price: $13.99
Author: Dayna Milam
Subtitle: Breaking Generational Strongholds
Format: Paperback
Length: 187 Pages
Published: 2019

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Have you ever said; “I will never be like my mom or dad” only to find yourself walking in the same patterns doing the same thing, caught up in the same actions that you said you would never do? Does it always seem that you can never get ahead, and that you find yourself in a repetitive cycle year after year? If this describes your life, or even parts of your life, then you are in for your breakthrough.

In this book, you will learn the cause of these cycles and how to break them. You will also learn how your bloodline does not have to define who you are. It will be revealed how your bloodline can be redeemed for you, your children, and their children. By understanding how your body, soul, and spirit all work together, you will gain the keys to help you guard and stand against the outward pressures that would find a common thread within your heart. Your ability to stand in the middle of a battle is determined by your knowledge of not only your weaknesses but also your parents. The things that follow your bloodline, that cause you to bend and to quit, will be found out as you move through the pages of this book. You will be equipped with the weapons that you need to win the war for your bloodline.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Invisible Barrier
Chapter 2: What Scripture Says
Chapter 3: The Creative Power of the Tongue
Chapter 4: A List of Blessings and Curses
Chapter 5: Seven Indications of a Curse
Chapter 6: No Curse Without a Cause
Chapter 7: Blessings and Curses from Those in Authority
Chapter 8: Self-Imposed Curses
Chapter 9: Curses from Servants of Satan
Chapter 10: Soulish Talk, Soulish Prayers and Ungodly Soul Ties
Chapter 11: The Bloodline Exchange
Chapter 12: Leaving the Curse and Living in the Blessing
Prayer of Release
Declarations for Living in the Blessing
Answers to Questions

About the Author:
Dayna Milam is the founder and serves as president of Word Alive Outreach Ministries, Inc. which is an apostolic center in Carthage, Texas. Dayna and her husband, Craig, also oversee Kingdom Rising Church which is the local church expression of the center. Dayna and Craig are entrepreneurs and own and manage businesses in Carthage as well. Dayna travels and ministers nationally and internationally. She founded Destiny School of the Prophets and Word Alive School of Ministry. Dayna carries a breaker anointing that brings breakthrough in not only personal lives, but in cities and regions.