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Walking In the Supernatural
Walking In the Supernatural by Bill and Beni Johnson

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Author: Bill Johnson and Beni Johnson
Subtitle: Another Cup of Spiritual Java
Format: Paperback
Length: 249 Pages
Published: 2012

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Selecting 40 invigorating excerpts from their popular books, Bill Johnson and his associates have created another cup of spiritual java an excellent blend of inspiration, encouragement and humor. Take a deep whiff of what Bill, his wife, Beni, and their friends, Danny Silk, Kevin Dedmon, Banning Leibscher, Chris Overstreet, Judy Franklin, Eric Johnson and Paul Manwaring have brewed specially for you.

The Cappuccino-sized stories are guaranteed to lift your spirit and sooth your mind. Flavorful chapter titles include:

  • Taking captive every scary thought
  • Lifeguards must be swimmers
  • Too stupid to be loved
  • Post-Katrina miracles
  • Faith is spelled R-I-S-K
  • Are you a Chevette or a Lamborghini?

As you sip through each chapter, relax in Gods presence, learn to listen to His voice, and follow His directions. God will take you into exciting new territory, and your explorations will not end with the final page of this enjoyable book.

Table of Contents

Introduction Bill Johnson

Chapter 1: Spiritual Inheritance Bill Johnson

Chapter 2: Coffee Eric Johnson

Chapter 3: Supernatural Culture Danny Silk

Chapter 4: How to Unlock Heaven Kevin Dedmon

Chapter 5: Lovers Make a Difference Chris Overstreet

Chapter 6: Are You a Chevette or a Lamborghini? Banning Liebscher

Chapter 7: Too Stupid to be Loved Judy Franklin

Chapter 8: Working Out in the Spirit Chad Dedmon

Chapter 9: Heal the Brokenhearted Beni Johnson

Chapter 10: Angels Bill Johnson

Chapter 11: Resonating With Jesus Joy Paul Manwaring

Chapter 12: He Gets to Do Something Kevin Dedmon

Chapter 13: Faith is Spelled R-I-S-K Chris Overstreet

Chapter 14: What Is Normal? Danny Silk

Chapter 15: No Fear Zone Beni Johnson

Chapter 16: Taking Captive Every Scary Thought Chad Dedmon

Chapter 17: A Setup for Success Bill Johnson

Chapter 18: Fear vs. Love Danny Silk

Chapter 19: Revelation Beyond Information Banning Liebscher

Chapter 20: Knowing God Judy Franklin

Chapter 21: Power of the Presence Chris Overstreet

Chapter 22: A Fruit-Driven Eric Johnson

Chapter 23: Glory! Paul Manwaring

Chapter 24: Supernaturally Natural Judy Franklin

Chapter 25: Encounter Beni Johnson

Chapter 26: Read to Have a God Encounter Bill Johnson

Chapter 27: Lifeguards Must Be Swimmers Banning Liebscher

Chapter 28: We Are Physicians Assistants Kevin Dedmon

Chapter 29: Does the Kingdom Need Revival? Eric Johnson

Chapter 30: Shekinah Glory Paul Manwaring

Chapter 31: Post-Katrina Miracles Chad Dedmon

Chapter 32: Signs That Make You Wonder Bill Johnson

Chapter 33: Revival Messiness Danny Silk

Chapter 34: Fountain or Cistern? Judy Franklin

Chapter 35: Start Your Own Heritage Eric Johnson

Chapter 36: Prayer That Works Kevin Dedmon

Chapter 37: Mantle or More? Bill Johnson

Chapter 38: All in a Days Work Banning Liebscher

Chapter 39: Waiting for the Bridegroom Paul Manwaring

Chapter 40: Watch Over Your Heart Bill Johnson

About the Author

Bill and Beni Johnson are senior pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Kevin Dedmon has a traveling ministry focused on equipping, empowering, and activating the Church for supernatural evangelism. Banning and SeaJay Liebscher are the directors of Jesus Culture, a ministry dedicated to mobilizing, equipping, and activating believers. Danny Silk serves as a senior management pastor at Bethel Church. Chad Dedmon has full-time pastoral experience working with youth and young adults. Judy Franklin works for Bill Johnson at Bethel Church. Eric and Candace Johnson are the Senior Leaders for Bethel Redding and also serve on the senior Leadership team for all of Bethels ministries. Paul Manwaring is on the senior leadership team and oversees Global Legacy. Chris Overstreet serves as the outreach pastor for the School of Supernatural Ministry.