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Unstoppable by Cindy Trimm

Price: $19.95
Author: Cindy Trimm
Subtitle: Compete with Your Best Self & Win
Format: Paperback
Length: 215 Pages
Published: 2022

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What is that personal truth you’ve lacked the courage to express? What are the limiting beliefs holding you back? What keeps you from moving forward, going further, flying higher, or just getting ahead? Have you become so accustomed to being “grounded” that you’ve stopped trying to fly?

If you’ve ever experienced a stagnant season, or if you are mired in one now, Unstoppable: Compete with Your Best Self and Win will show you how to reignite your life, chart your personal path to success, and build the momentum that puts you on a winning streak. You’ll learn that to get unstuck – to soar higher and go farther – you must simply take the next first step by making that next winning decision. Unstoppable shows you how.

You will learn:
  • Keys to achieving a winning mindset
  • Strategies for putting what you know into winning action
  • The secret to creating a winning brand
  • The art of living and leading from your genius zone

Dr. Trimm walks you step by step through the process of evolving into your next level of power by showing you how to leverage your expertise, your brand, your years in the industry, and all that makes you who you are – while stirring a passion and excitement for what’s next.

Are you ready to pivot into the next best version of yourself? Learn to tap into your superpower to become a world-changing, unstoppable force!

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Win from Within
Chapter 1: Win at Being You
Chapter 2: Win at Integrity
Chapter 3: Win Now!

Section 2: Wired to Win
Chapter 4: Winning Character
Chapter 5: Create Winning Habits
Chapter 6: Transparency Wins Every Time

Section 3: Winfluence
Chapter 7: Win through Influence
Chapter 8: Brand to Win
Chapter 9: Cultivate Winning Credibility

Section 4: The Winner’s Circle
Chapter 10: Leaders Who Win
Chapter 11: Serve to Win
Chapter 12: Leave a Winning Legacy
The Winning Streak

About the Author:
Dr Cindy Trimm is a former senator, sought-after thought leader, and widely respected business and life strategist. Trained in Strategic Leadership at the prestigious Oxford University Saḯd Business School and Corporate Governance at Harvard. Dr. Trimm empowers leaders around the globe with fresh perspectives on human potential. She is the founder and CEO of Trimm Institute of Global Leadership and Trimm Global Charities.