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Understanding the Kingdom Message Vol 1
Understanding the Kingdom Message Vol 1 by Adeyemo Temidayo

Price: $13.99
Author: Adeyemo Temidayo
Subtitle: A Journey to Rediscover the Singular Message of Jesus
Format: Paperback
Length: 197 Pages
Published: 2021

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This book chronicles the writer’s personal rediscovery on the subject of the Kingdom of God over a 12-year period. It starts by pointing out the Kingdom as the central theme of the entire Bible. It then probes quite intensely Matthew 24:14 which then throws up some thought-provoking insights especially in relation to how the Gospel is a unifier of the two great divides: The Jews and the Gentiles. Furthermore, it goes into much details, using contemporary scenarios, to explain what the Gospel of the Kingdom is as well as the non-negotiable requirements for becoming a citizen of the glorious Kingdom which the Gospel heralds.

Its objective is to revolutionize the reader’s understanding of the subject and subsequently usher them into an entirely new experience in their journey of possessing the Kingdom. Be assured, this is a must-read for every serious-minded student of the Bible and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Wolfgang Simson
Part 1: An Introduction to the Kingdom Message
Chapter 1: The singular storyline of scripture
Chapter 2: The 12 reasons explained
Chapter 3: Essential points from Matthew 24:14
Chapter 4: Nations as the recipients of the Gospel
Chapter 5: The Gospel of Grace vs. Gospel of the Kingdom
Chapter 6: Grim implications of the faith’s shift from its Jewish roots

Part 2: The Essential Gospel
Chapter 7: The essential component in the Gospel
Chapter 8: Recovering the Kingdom context of the Gospel
Chapter 9: The parables explained
Chapter 10: The reason for the Parables
Chapter 11: Cardinal features of the Kingdom message
Chapter 12: The Kingdom ideology
Chapter 13: More on shared life
Chapter 14: Lust, love, and Christ our life
Chapter 15: Admission requirements
Appendix 1: Rethinking salvation
Appendix 2: Is church the same as ekklesia?