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Unafraid by Marc Arlt

Price: $15.99
Author: Marc Arlt
Subtitle: A Better Book on the End Times
Format: Paperback
Length: 197 Pages
Published: 2017

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God doesn’t trade in fear. Which is why it is so strange that the dominant emotion many Christians feel when it comes to the book of Revelation or the subject of the End Times in general, is fear.

God hasn’t consigned the future of our world to a giant apocalyptic fireball while he whisks away Christians to a place somewhere safe in the clouds. Our calling is to participate in the purpose of God for Heaven and Earth to be one, and our ideas of the ‘end times’ must line up with this kingdom vision.

What if the End Times were far less fearful than you imagined and way more hopeful than you dared believe? Read this book and find out.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Preface
Chapter 2: Introduction

Part 1: A Kingdom Foundation
Chapter 3: A Jewish Story
Chapter 4: A Seed, a Leaven, a Mountain
Chapter 5: Selah

Part 2: Matthew
Chapter 6: A Prophet of Judgment
Chapter 7: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem”
Chapter 8: Asking the right questions
Chapter 9: Signs of the End . . . or are they?
Chapter 10: Abominable Desolation
Chapter 11: Tribulations
Chapter 12: Charlatans
Chapter 13: Blood Moon Rising
Chapter 14: Rapture
Chapter 15: Selah

Part 3: Revelation
Chapter 16: Apocalyptic Literature
Chapter 17: The Revelation of . . . Jesus
Chapter 18: 4 x 7 = Judgment
Chapter 19: 2 Witnesses
Chapter 20: The Beasts
Chapter 21: Mark of the Beast
Chapter 22: Antichrist
Chapter 23: The Whore of Babylon
Chapter 24: Red Dragon
Chapter 25: Millennium
Chapter 26: Great White Throne
Chapter 27: New Heavens and New Earth
Chapter 28: Selah

Part 4: So Now What?
Chapter 29: Life After Death
Chapter 30: Life Before Death
Chapter 31: Appendix: Extra Credit
Chapter 32: Bibliography

About the Author:
Marc Arlt is a pastor, preacher, blogger, and author who has a passion for the authentic, for Truth, and for people. And books. This combination has come together to create his first published book Unafraid. He has blogged for a number of years and has been pastoring and preaching for over a decade. Marc is married to Nicole and they have two daughters Julia and Katja.