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True Fellowship Church As Community
True Fellowship Church As Community by Art Katz

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Author: Art Katz
Format: Paperback
Length: 146 Pages
Published: 2009

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Arsenal Note: We found this book to be very challenging, but well worth the time to read and ponder the thoughts within. We highly recommend this book because it will challenge you to think outside of the box.

When God calls us to establish a Christian community, it is a call to the cross, to humiliation and suffering. We are called to live closely and intensively with other believers on a daily basis in which our defects, our shortcomings and our failures will be revealed. Out of the agonies and the joys, we give opportunity for a reality to come forth that can best be described as true fellowship.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Church as Community

Chapter 2: The Body of Christ

Chapter 3: The Suffering Before the Glory

Chapter 4: The Mystery of Suffering

Chapter 5: The Mystery of the Church

Chapter 6: Apostolic Lifestyle

Chapter 7: The Mystery of the Trinity

Chapter 8: The Antiochal Pattern

Chapter 9: The Preached Word

Chapter 10: Prayer and Worship

Chapter 11: Confession

Chapter 12: Communion