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Transforming Power of Heaven
Transforming Power of Heaven by Allen Mather

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Author: Allen Mather
Subtitle: Letting the Presence of God That's in Heaven Flood into Your Life
Format: Paperback
Length: 204 Pages
Published: 2021

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This book has the potential to radially change the course of your Christian life. The theme of this book is that heaven is the pattern and source of the Christian life and that we ware to interact with heaven now. That heaven is not just a future event, but a present reality.

God wants to interact with us on a much deeper level than we have ever known. That interaction flows from His massive love for us. God wants our companionship more than we want His. This is the time to move toward Him.

In the Lord’s Prayer, the first thing we are to pray is “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth (or in my heart) as it is in heaven” (Matt 6:10). Heaven is radically in love with God, so heaven becomes our pattern, and the God of heaven becomes the Source of power for our Christian life.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: It’s All about Love
Chapter 2: The Place God Holds in Heaven
Chapter 3: The Place Jesus Holds in Heaven
Chapter 4: A Voice from Heaven (God’s Number One Desire)
Chapter 5: I Have No One But You in Heaven
Chapter 6: Interacting with Heaven
Chapter 7: The Asbury Revival
Chapter 8: A Life of Worship
Chapter 9: The Invisible Becoming Visible
Chapter 10: Lay Up Treasures in Heaven
Chapter 11: The Absolute Necessity of the Holy Spirit in Making Heaven Real
Chapter 12: Absolute Necessity to Hear the Holy Spirit (A Voice from Heaven)
Chapter 13: Heaven Is a Present Reality
Chapter 14: Role of the Holy Spirit in Bringing the Kingdom of God
Chapter 15: John, Chapter 17
Chapter 16: When God Becomes Real
Chapter 17: Why Love God with All Our Heart
Chapter 18: Heaven Is Not Lukewarm
Chapter 19: The Greatest of All Invitations
Chapter 20: When Strange Things Happen
Chapter 21: Potential
Chapter 22: God Is the Center
Chapter 23: One Thing Is Essential
Chapter 24: How Writing This Book Changed My Life
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