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Together Reclaiming Co-Leadership in Marriage
Together Reclaiming Co-Leadership in Marriage by Tim and Anne Evans

Price: $17.95
Author: Tim and Anne Evans
Format: Paperback
Length: 236 Pages
Published: 2014

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Why isn’t our marriage as fulfilling as I’d hoped? Where did we take a wrong turn? Did I marry the wrong person? Many couples have pondered questions like these. But what if God has different plans for marriage than you ever imagined? Join Tim and Anne Evans as they explore a revolutionary perspective of what marriage can be – by going back to the beginning.

In Eden, a married couple was created to reflect and reveal the oneness and plurality in God’s Trinitarian nature. A man and woman, both made in the image of God and both given the procreation and dominion mandates. Together –naked and without shame – they enjoyed co-leadership.
Together: Reclaiming Co-Leadership in Marriage explores many questions that swirl around the miracle and mystery of “two becoming one,” including:

  • What is God’s purpose for marriage?
  • Can couples return to God’s original marriage principles?
  • What about equality, headship, submission, and authority?
  • How should love, respect, and roles play out in marriage?
  • What does reclaiming co-leadership look like?

Table of Contents:

Part 1: God’s Co-Leadership Marriage Design
Chapter 1: the Traffic Light Principle
Chapter 2: The Starting Place: God’s Purpose – The Why of Marriage
Chapter 3: From Good . . . to Not Good . . . to Very Good
Chapter 4: Co-Leadership Lost
Chapter 5: Co-Leadership Reclaimed
Chapter 6: Did Jesus Say Anything about Marriage?
Part 2: Putting Co-Leadership Into Practice
Chapter 7: From “Me” to “We”
Chapter 8: Absolutes and Preferences
Chapter 9: Equality, Headship, Submission, and Authority
Chapter 10: Love, Respect, and Roles
Chapter 11: Co-Leadership is Liberating for Everyone
Chapter 121: Marriage is Not it
Epilogue: If at First You Don’t Succeed
Further Study
Additional Challenge
About the Authors
Real Life Ministries


There isn’t a couple in the world I would rather hear talk on marriage than Tim and Anne Evans. Once you come into their home, the first thing you notice is the savory aroma of two people who not only are in love but have stayed in love. It’s home cooking at its best. And it’s so good you have to have the recipe. At last, they have put the recipe in print. Enjoy!
Ken Gire, author of Windows of the Soul and Intimate Moments with the Savior

Tim and Anne have captured fresh insights into biblical marriage that truly apply to real people in real marriages. Their approach doesn’t aim to sugarcoat the challenges of marriage. Instead, they deliver sound teaching and inspiration through their revolutionary message on reclaiming co-leadership. Their creative, fun-to-read stories, coupled with practical, biblically sound principles, have blended into a book that is usable, stirring, and long overdue. Whether you are looking for hope in a hurting marriage or a new level of excellence in a good one, this is your next must-read.
Jack and Becky Sytsema, co-founders of Children of Destiny in Holland, Michigan

About the Authors:

Tim and Anne Evans love marriage. For thirty-eight years they have passionately explored the miracle and mystery of two becoming one in the context of God’s original marriage design. They are parents, grandparents, pastoral counselors, ordained ministers, and spiritual parents. Together they lead Real Life Ministries full time.