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Throne of David
Throne of David by Dale Mast

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Author: Dale Mast
Subtitle: Leadership and Authority - The Force of Vision
Format: Paperback
Length: 166 Pages
Published: 2019

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Change does not come to earth just because we believe – we must be willing to lead. Everything on the earth hinges on leadership. We are learning to live and lead from the throne of David – the heart and authority of God. The purpose of this book is to advance healthy leadership by understanding its value and purpose. Whatever we do not value we will discard misuse. Without leadership, great visions will never survive. Everyone who leads serves others, and everyone who serves is leading someone. Our lives were created to bring advancement to what already exists as well as pursuing that which has never been accomplished. David’s anointed worship as a shepherd boy did not change Israel until he became king. When we lead, who we are shifts the world or someone’s world. We must rule to bring change. Greater assignments are given when we address our current challenges. As long as we are alive – never stop leading, never stop dreaming and never stop loving – it’s God’s adventure for our life.

Table of Contents:
Dedication and Introduction
Chapter 1
My Encounter
The Heart of David and the Tabernacle of David
The Double Promise
A Savior Was Born a King

Chapter 2
Sit at My Right Hand
Rule in the Midst of Your Enemies
Restoring His Ruins
All Authority

Chapter 3
Created with Authority
A New Way of Thinking
The Throne of David
A Generational Throne

Chapter 4
David’s Desire, the Father’s Delight
Who Am I That You Brought Me This Far?
Identity, Value, and Family Limitations
Heaven, Patterns for Earth

Chapter 5
The Purpose of Leadership
The Throne of the People
The Challenge of Absolom

Chapter 6
The Gift of Leadership
God Dreams
The Fall and Rising of Many
Leaning on the Top of Your Staff

Chapter 7
The War of Thrones
A King for Himself
Intimacy – Knowing Him, Knowing Me
Setting Higher Expectations

Chapter 8
Rest and holiness
The Throne of God
The Beginning and the End
We Are Building

About the Author:
Dale Mast is an author, international speaker, and a senior pastor. His wife, LuAnne, and he have six children and four grandchildren.