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This Day We Fight! Revised and Expanded Edition
This Day We Fight! by Francis Frangipane

Price: $14.99
Author: Francis Frangipane
Subtitle: Breaking the Bondage of a Passive Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 189 Pages
Published: 2005/2010

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We are standing on the cusp of spiritual awakening. But the enemy is wily. His first line of attack is often a spirit of heaviness, which renders Christians passive even paralyzed. As a result, we do not pray with authority and are left defenseless in the unfolding battle, while Satan steals what is most precious to us: the hearts of our loved ones, the future of our churches and the destiny of our nation.

Yet even while the enemy moves, the Holy Spirit is waiting to impart a fresh anointing one that will wake up the hearts of His people. In this revised and expanded edition of This Day We Fight!, author Francis Frangipane will equip you to receive this anointing and stand strong for yourself, your loved ones and your world. In this day of advancing evil, ours is not a time for surrender. No, this day we fight!

Table of Contents



Part 1: Fighting the Good Fight

Chapter 1: The Bronze Bow

Chapter 2: Fighting the Fight of Faith

Chapter 3: This Day We Fight!

Chapter 4: The War Mode

Chapter 5: Love-Motivated Warfare

Chapter 6: Embracing the Fight of Faith

Part 2: Exposing the Enemys Weapons

Chapter 7: Overcoming Discouragement

Chapter 8: If We Do Not Lose Heart

Chapter 9: Goliath Had a Brother

Chapter 10: Overcoming Fear

Part 3: Fighting for Our Loved Ones

Chapter 11: Unwavering Perseverance

Chapter 12: Your Appointment Awaits You

Chapter 13: A Word to the Women of God

Chapter 14: Prayer Warriors

Chapter 15: Fighting for Our Families

Part 4: Fighting for the World Around Us

Chapter 16: The Real Jesus

Chapter 17: Will Jesus Find Faith in You?

Chapter 18: When David Captured Jerusalem

Chapter 19: Hastened in Its Time

Chapter 20: And Then the End Shall Come

Chapter 21: Prophet, Priest and King

Chapter 22: A Generation of Rulers

Chapter 23: When America Blesses God

Chapter 24: The Lord of Armies


About the Author

Francis Frangipane is the director of Advancing Church Ministries and the author of sixteen books, including The Three Battlegrounds and Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God, which together have sold more than one million copies. A pastor since 1972, he conducts conferences, seminars and other ministry outreaches. He and his wife, Denise, have five grown children and live near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.