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Systematic Theology for the New Apostolic Reformation
Systematic Theology for the New Apostolic Reformation by Harold Eberle

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Author: Harold Eberle
Subtitle: An Exposition in Father-Son Theology
Format: Paperback
Length: 889 Pages
Published: 2015

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This is the Second Edition of Father-Son Theology, it has been revised and expanded.

This book will help you embrace God as your Father and see yourself as a son/daughter of God. In other words, it will help you hear what God is communicating to His people at this time.

The concept of God as Father sounds simple enough, but the related truths are clouded by 2,000 years of Christianity being filtered through the lens of Western civilization. In Father-Son Theology, I have worked passionately to separate biblical Christianity from Western culture. That means:

  • Separating Christianity from the dualism that lies at the foundation of Western civilization;
  • Eliminating the influence of Plato that came into the Church primarily through Augustine and Calvin;
  • And embracing the Biblical/Hebraic concept of God.

In Father-Son Theology, I take a stand on several major issues, challenging doctrines that Christians have accepted as truth, without taking the time to consider the historical development of the related doctrines.

Just one example of a false doctrine that developed as a result of mixing the hedonistic philosophy of Plato with Christianity is the doctrine that God is so holy that He must separate Himself from sin and sinful people. This false doctrine came into Christianity during the fourth century and has led to a historic misunderstanding of what happened when Adam sinned and what happened when Jesus died on the cross. There was no gap of eternity created between God and man when Adam sinned in the Garden. Nor did Father-God separate Himself from Jesus when He hung on the cross and became sin for us. There is nothing in the nature of God that makes Him separate Himself from sinners. The best, most perfect, example of holiness that we have is Jesus Christ, and He did not separate Himself from sinners. In fact, He hung around them. In order to understand God’s holiness, we must relate it to His love--which causes Him to pursue sinners, not separate Himself.

There are other fundamental misunderstandings within Western Christianity that have profound implications on everything we believe. They distort our view of God. The Western Christianity that we have been indoctrinated into robs us of the supernatural dimension inherent in biblical Christianity. It distances us from the Kingdom of God. It yields a form of godliness that denies the power.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by C. Peter Wagner
Volume 1: The Nature of God
Section A: The Cornerstone of Father-Son Theology
Section B: God of Creation
Section C: God of Abraham
Section D: God of the Old Testament
Section E: God of Jesus
Section F: God of the Greek Philosophers
Section G: God of Classical Theology
Section H: Two Views in Conflict
Section I: Building on the Biblical View of God

Volume 2: God’s Involvement with this World
Section A: God’s Involvement from the Reformed View
Section B: God’s Involvement from the Father-Son View
Section C: Cooperative Relationships
Section D: Theodicy
Section E: Father-God’s Knowledge of the World
Section F: Father-God is Bigger and Greater

Volume 3: The Nature of Creation
Section A: The Who and What of Creation
Section B: The Why of Creation
Section C: Natural Theology
Section D: Spiritual Aspects of Creation
Section E: Angelology
Section F: Creation and Time
Section G: Theology and Science

Volume 4: The Nature of Humanity
Section A: Classical/Reformed View of Humanity
Section B: How People are Like God
Section C: The Original Blessing
Section D: Separated from God?
Section E: The Original Sin
Section F: Rethinking Original Sin
Section G: Born Sinful and Condemned?
Section H: How Good or Bad Are People?
Section I: The Pelagian Controversy
Section J: The Triune Nature
Section K: The Soul of a Person
Section L: The Heart of a Person
Section M: The Will of a Person

Volume 5: Origin and Nature of Evil and Sin
Section A: Classical View of Evil, Death and Suffering
Section B: The Best World in Which to Raise Sons
Section C: Father-God Can, But He Will Not
Section D: Sources of Pain and Suffering
Section E: Origin and Nature of Satan
Section F: Humanity as a Source of Evil
Section G: Sin as Something People Do
Section H: Transgressions and Iniquity
Section I: Outside Influences of Sin and Evil

Volume 6: Soteriology
Section A: The Atonement
Section B: Benefits of the New Covenant
Section C: Embracing God as Father, Rather than Judge
Section D: Embracing Ourselves as Children of God
Section E: What Is the Gospel?
Section F: What Is the Proper Response to the Gospel?
Section G: What Is Necessary for Salvation?
Section H: Sola Gratia
Section I: Sola Fide

Volume 7: Ecclesiology and Basilology
Section A: Distinction Between the Church and Kingdom
Section B: The Ecclesia
Section C: The Kingdom of God
Section D: Gospel of Salvation or Gospel of Kingdom?

Volume 8: General Eschatology
Section A: Dispensational or Progressive View?
Section B: The Millennial Reign of Jesus
Section C: Kingdom Theology
Section D: The Revelation of Daniel 9
Section E: Futurism, Partial Preterism, or Full Preterism?
Section F: The Book of Revelation

Volume 9: Personal Eschatology
Section A: Old Testament Saints After Death
Section B: Net Testament Saints After Death
Section C: Our Eternal Destination
Section D: What Is Hell?

Volume 10: The Trinity and Christology
Section A: Biblical Witness to the Trinity
Section B: Jesus as Fully God
Section C: Jesus as Fully Man
Section D: Who Is Jesus?

Volume 11: Pneumatology
Section A: Person of the Holy Spirit
Section B: Works of the Holy Spirit
Section C: Anointing of the Holy Spirit
Section D: Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Section E: Gift of Tongues
Section F: Prophetic Gifts
Section G: Divine Healing

Volume 12: The Christian Life
Section A: Living as Children
Section B: Healthy Relationships
Section C: Prayer
Section D: Worship
Section E: The Victorious Life
Section F: Mature Sons of God
Appendix A: Major Differences Charted
Appendix B: The Unholy Union with Western Philosophy
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About the Author:
After pastoring a church in the Northwest USA for six years, Harold R. Eberle embarked on a worldwide traveling ministry. Over the course of 36 plus years of ministry, Dr. Eberle has helped build a dozen Bible colleges in other nations, authored more than 30 books, and become known internationally as a dynamic teacher, calling the Body of Christ to reformation.
Currently, Dr. Eberle travels with Linda, his wife of 38 plus years, across North America, ministering at churches, Bible colleges, seminaries, and leadership conferences. Together, they host a daily television program, called the Gospel of peace, which is directed toward evangelizing Muslims and encouraging Christians in Muslim-dominated countries around the world. They also make regular missionary trips into the associated countries each year.
Harold and Linda live in Yakima, WA, where they raised their three children who are now grown. Yakima, WA serves as home base and headquarters for their work called Worldcast Ministries.