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Storehouse Principle
Storehouse Principle by Al Jandl and Van Crouch

Price: $9.99
Author: Al Jandl and Van Crouch
Subtitle: Creating Extraordinary Financial Stability
Format: Paperback
Length: 185 Pages

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Storehouse people:

  • Become good stewards of Gods resources
  • Develop financial stability
  • Overcome the fear of financial lack and poverty
  • Accelerate debt reduction
  • Learn to manage their current income
  • Are positioned to act on financial opportunities
  • Acquire godly contentment with hope for tomorrow
  • Master their money instead of their money mastering them
  • Are generous proactive givers
  • Fulfill their divine destiny in God
  • Leave a legacy for those they love

Todays world is not the same as it used to be. It is now common for people to change jobs many times during their adult lives. Millions of people are one layoff or medical emergency away from bankruptcy. Many are fearful because of this financial uncertainty. The Storehouse Principle is a practical way to revolutionize our walk with God and dispel that fear.

God is speaking the Storehouse message to His people today to prepare us for coming events. The Storehouse Principle will revolutionize the church, individuals, families, communities even governments. Begin to experience this revolutionary God idea for creating extraordinary financial peace and stability.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Als Story: Understanding the Storehouse Principle

Chapter 1: A Revolutionary God Idea

Chapter 2: Lettuce in the Vegetable Bin

Chapter 3: God Has Storehouses

Chapter 4: The Storehouse Blessing

Chapter 5: Seeing Afar Off

Chapter 6: The Joseph Principle

Chapter 7: Even the Ant Has a Storehouse

Part 2: Vans Story: Tapping into the Storehouse Mentality

Chapter 8: From the Outhouse to the Storehouse

Chapter 9: Watch Hope Arise

Chapter 10: A New Way of Thinking

Chapter 11: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Chapter 12: Has Your Upkeep Become Your Downfall?

Chapter 13: Positioned to Make a Difference

Chapter 14: The Storehouse Mentality

Part 3: Putting it All Together: Living out the Storehouse Blessing

Chapter 15: Are You a Blessing?

Chapter 16: No Longer a Victim

Chapter 17: Begin to Pray Over Your Finances

Chapter 18: A Blueprint for Change

About the Authors

Al Jandl is known as a pastors pastor and a visionary leader for the 21st century. From humble beginnings as a store manager for a major grocery chain, Al Jandl has become a nationally known pastor, conference speaker, and leader.

Als life is an example of a man who simply called out to God for help, and then watched as God made that moment a turning point in his life. Reverend Jandl has authored numerous books. His wife of over 27 years, Judy, is principal of Living Stones Christian School. They have two daughters, Jessica and Stephanie, who also serve on the faculty there.

Van Crouch is widely regarded as one of the best and most versatile speakers in America. As the founder and president of the consulting firm, Van Crouch Communications, Van challenges individuals to achieve excellence in their lives.

After ranking as a consistent sales leader with the American Express Company, Van went on to receive many awards for outstanding performance in the insurance industry and has been a qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table.

Van Crouch has the ability to motivate people to raise their level of expectation. He will inspire you so that your attitude will become more positive, your problems smaller, your self-esteem and confidence greater, and your self-doubts will disintegrate. He is sure to both inspire and challenge you with his writings. Van resides in Wheaton, Illinois with is wife, Doni, who is also active in the ministry. They have four grown children.