Spiritual Warfare, Jerry and Sherrill Piscopo, Evangel Christian Churches, 9781607916673

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Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual Warfare by Jerry and Sherrill Piscopo

Price: $16.99
Author: Jerry Piscopo and Sherill Piscopo
Subtitle: Guide to Personal Healing and Deliverance
Format: Paperback
Length: 258 Pages
Published: 2009

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God’s healing and delivering power are at work in the lives of Christians today! He desires to set people free from their painful past and deliver them from the snares of the enemy.

With more than 30 years of experience conducting spiritual warfare seminars – and testimonies from thousands proclaiming their freedom – Jerry and Sherill Piscopo have written a groundbreaking, definitive guide to spiritual warfare, deliverance, and personal healing. With scriptural foundation and revelation, they provide straightforward understanding and help for Christians everywhere.

A powerful link exists between bitter-root judgments, unforgiveness, curses, and personal healing. There are direct correlations between strongholds, yokes, bondages, and spiritual oppression. The Piscopo’s dispel myths about deliverance and give balanced insights on personal healing. They explain the biblical interaction of body, soul, and spirit, and spiritual forces. With sound doctrine and teaching, they take the mystery and stigma out of spiritual warfare.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by C. Peter Wagner
Dr. Jerry Piscopo’s Vision
Chapter 1: A Triune Being
Chapter 2: Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 3: The Believer’s Authority
Chapter 4: Personal Inner Healing
Chapter 5: The Wounded Spirit
Chapter 6: Soul Ties
Chapter 7: Spoken Vows and Inner Vows
Chapter 8: Forgiveness
Chapter 9: The Process of Personal Inner Healing
Chapter 10: Deliverance
Chapter 11: Binding and Loosing
Chapter 12: Curses, Vows, and Broken Promises
Chapter 13: Strongholds, Yokes, and Bondages
Chapter 14: Detestable Objects and Spiritual Housecleaning
Chapter 15: Methods and Techniques
Chapter 16: The Aftermath
Appendix 1: Scriptures on The Blood, Authority of the Believer, Forgiveness, and the Delivering Power of God
Appendix 2: Manifestations of Spirits Leaving in a Biblical Way
Appendix 3: Prayers of Renunciation
Appendix 4: Additional Testimonies


There is no greater need in the body of Christ than the ministries of deliverance and personal healing. However, because of past misuse and abuse in the name of deliverance these ministries have sadly been rejected by any denominations and churches. The result has been a less than victorious bride of Christ. The church is full of hurting people who hurt themselves and others.
The authors of this book have done a great service for the body of Christ. They have taken the weird out of deliverance and personal healing and have put together one of the most comprehensive, line upon line, scripturally sound and well-balanced books I’ve ever read on these subjects.
Deliverance and personal healing truly are the children’s bread. I highly recommend this book for all believers, but especially for all pastors, counselors, and deliverance ministers.
Bill Sudduth, Ambassador, International Society of Deliverance Ministers

For years, I have watched in wonder as Drs. Jerry and Sherill Piscopo have passionately championed the needs of the oppressed and bound in the church and in the world. Spiritual Warfare: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Healing and Deliverance is a masterwork of all they believe and teach so effectively. Decades of experience combined with a rare grasp of the Scriptures have prepared the Piscopos to equip your life and inspire your faith as few others can. If you are tired of being held back, and are ready to be a vessel of healing and freedom in the hands of the Lord, I recommend this book to you.
Dr. David Cannistraci, GateWay City Church, San Jose, California

About the Authors:
Drs. Jerry and Sherill Piscopo oversee Evangel Christian Churches, Evangel Ministries International, are founders of Evangel Association of Churches and Ministries, and chancellors of Destiny Schools of Ministry. All schools are licensed by the State of Michigan and accredited by Accredited Commission International.