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Soul Winning
Soul Winning by T.L. Osborn and LaDonna Osborn

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Author: T.L. Osborn and LaDonna Osborn
Subtitle: How to Share God's Love and Life to a World in Depair
Format: Paperback
Length: 339 Pages
Published: 2020

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You have been commissioned to continue the ministry of Jesus!

The Church was born in a blaze of personal soul winning as the mission of Jesus Christ became the mission of every believer. Today, that mandate continues. Yet, when it comes to evangelism, many believers lack the passion or know-how to begin. Soul Winning will help!

This must-read work by renowned evangelist T.L. Osborn will empower you to reach outside the walls of the church where Christians have hibernated too long – out of touch with an unconverted world. Revised and updated for the 21st century by T.L.’s daughter, Dr. LaDonna Osborn, this classic work will:
  • Inspire and equip you to reach the lost
  • Help you break free from apathy and insecurity
  • Share timeless truths, insights, and practical methods the Osborn family has used around the world
  • Stir ideas in your heart of when, where, and how to evangelize
  • Impart the heartbeat of evangelism from someone who carries it

Jesus needs you to become a soul winner. He can only show His love to the lost through Christians who believe in His love enough to tell about it. The whole world is waiting to see Jesus in action through believers like you!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Daniel Kolenda
Foreword by Marilyn Hickey
Chapter 1: Join This Chariot
Chapter 2: Let’s Take a Journey
Chapter 3: The Case in Brief
Chapter 4: The Heartbeat of Soul Winning
Chapter 5: A Time for Reflection
Chapter 6: The Notorious Mental Block
Chapter 7: The “20/20” Vision
Chapter 8: An Inspired Approach
Chapter 9: Born in a Blaze
Reason for Soul Winning 1: Jesus was a Soul Winner
Chapter 10: The Greatest Calling
Reason for Soul Winning 2: The Harvest Is So Great
Chapter 11: Sharing God’s Love and Lie to a World in Despair
Reason for Soul Winning 3: The Laborers Are So Few
Chapter 12: Here Am I! Send Me!
Reason for Soul Winning 4: Christ’s Great Commission
Chapter 13: The Choice to Win
Reason for Soul Winning 5: Unfulfilled Prophecies Concerning Christ’s Return
Chapter 14: The Forgotten Ones
Reason for Soul Winning 6: The Blood of the Unconverted
Chapter 15: Top Priority
Reason for Soul Winning 7: What We Have Experienced
Chapter 16: This Century
Chapter 17: Visions to Vanquish Racism
Chapter 18: Faith for Salvation
Chapter 19: Mass Evangelism
Chapter 20: Missions – To All Races
Chapter 21: Miracles, Signs, and Wonders
Chapter 22: Witnesses of Christ
Chapter 23: The Emperor – the Monk
Chapter 24: Prophesy – Men and Women
Chapter 25: Witnesses Worldwide
Chapter 26: God’s Connection
Chapter 27: Where No Voice Speaks
Chapter 28: Ideas for Sharing Christ
Chapter 29: The Gospel in Four Scenes
Chapter 30: The Priority of Making Disciples
Final Word from LaDonna Osborn, D.Min.
Appendix A: The Biblical Christian
Appendix B: Osborn Ministry Overview
Glossary of Biblical Words


When I learned Dr. LaDonna Osborn was releasing her father’s book, Soul Winning, to this generation of believers, my heart rejoiced. She has a keen ear, attuned to what the Spirit is saying: and, she has well-perceived the times in which we live. The Holy Spirit is rekindling a fervent desire in the hearts of His people to personally take up Jesus’ Great Commission and use their own feet and mouths to spread the Good News to everyone who will listen.
In his book, Dr. T.L. Osborn, in his classic lawyer-like style, presents the case for Holy Spirit fueled evangelism, confronting the dullness of the average believer, while at the same time empowering them with the nobility of the call and their delegated authority to set people free.
We have much to learn from the Osborn experiential wisdom and record. I believe Dr. Osborn’s Soul Winning will be a perpetual friend to every believer with a heart for evangelism.
Donna Schambach, Author

About the Author:
T.L. Osborn and his wife, Daisy, traveled to more than 100 nations for more than a half-century of missionary evangelism – preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to multitudes as God confirmed His Word with astounding miracles.

Dr. LaDonna Osborn continues leading Osborn Ministries as its President and CEO, which has continued impacting the world through pacesetting Miracle Evangelism and Soul Winner Institutes. The ministry now reaches 195 nations via the internet.