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Smith Wigglesworth: The Secret Of His Power
Smith Wigglesworth: The Secret Of His Power by Albert Hibbert

Price: $12.99
Author: Albert Hibbert
Format: Paperback
Length: 104 Pages
Published: 1993

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Albert Hibbert, friend and confidant of the world renown 20th century minister Smith Wigglesworth, relates his personal accounts of this remarkable man of God. Now you can discover the secrets of Smith's amazing relationship with God and relive the undeniable miracles performed under Smith's ministry from one of his closest friends.

"In the recorded history of mankind few people have accomplished more in the realm of the supernatural than Smith Wigglesworth." Albert Hibbert

Join Albert Hibbert as he shares pivotal moments he spent with Smith Wigglesworth and discover what Albert calls the "secrets" of Smith's ministry including his prayer life, his heart to seek God, his compassion for people, and his confidence in God's Word. Just as Smith recognized and pursued with determination the call of God on his life, you may very well catch a glimpse of what you might be in God and take up your high calling in Christ Jesus.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Smith Wigglesworth – The Man

Chapter 2: Smith Wigglesworth – The Spirit

Chapter 3: Smith Wigglesworth – Life in the Spirit

About the Author

Albert Hibbert and his family were close, personal friends of Smith Wigglesworth. They met in 1923, shortly after Albert, a young boy given only two hours to live, was miraculously healed. Mr. Richardson, a dear friend of Smith and pastor of the mission in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, had prayed for Albert and as a result of the healing the entire family was saved. Smith wanted to hear about this miracle and from that time on they became close friends.