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Smith Wigglesworth: A Man Who Walked With God
Smith Wigglesworth: A Man Who Walked With God by George Stormont

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Author: George Stormont
Format: Paperback
Length: 149 Pages
Published: 1989

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Smith Wigglesworth was a modern apostle of faith who shook the world with his amazing miracle ministry, but behind the miracles stood a man of character and drive who knew his God. Discover the person of Smith Wigglesworth and this ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life that provided the foundation to launch the new Charismatic revival still sweeping the earth today.

In this intimate portrait of Smiths life, author and personal friend George Stormont reveals the spiritual significance of the character Smith displayed and what you can glean from his example. Through taking Gods Word literally, Smith proved over and over again that God wants His children to live in victory, above the bondage of sin, poverty, and sickness.

You have no need to fear, truth stands eternal. Wickedness may increase and abound, but when the Lord raises His flag over the saint, it is victory; though it is in minority it always triumphs. Smith Wigglesworth

Table of Contents

Preface: From the Turnip Fields to the World

Chapter 1: I Meet The Man Who Walked With God

Chapter 2: Rough Kindness

Chapter 3: Natural Forthrightness Becomes Holy Boldness

Chapter 4: A Heart of Compassion

Chapter 5: Simplicity: A Defense Against Temptation

Chapter 6: An Emphasis on Life

Chapter 7: A Man of One Book

Chapter 8: Faith: The Key to Wigglesworths Ministry

Chapter 9: New Testament Faith

Chapter 10: Sanctification: Unbroken Communion With God

Chapter 11: Standing on Holy Ground

Chapter 12: To Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness

Chapter 13: His First Desire Was Witnessing

Chapter 14: Six Ways He Reached the Lost

Chapter 15: Wigglesworths Healing Ministry

Chapter 16: Wholesale and Retail Healings

Conclusion: Glimpses of the Future

Tribute to Smith Wigglesworth

Appendix: New Zealand Sermons: Sanctification of the Sprit, Perfect Rest, and The Gifts of the Spirit: Prophecy and Tongues

About the Author

George Stormont was born in 1909 in Birmingham, England, and knew Smith Wigglesworth personally as a friend and a colleague for many years. In addition to pastoring five churches in England, including the largest Assembly of God church in Great Britain, George was the pastor of Duluth Gospel Tabernacle in Duluth, Minnesota for five years. He served in numerous executive positions in various denominations including chairman of the Conference of the Assemblies of God.