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Setting Yourself Free
Setting Yourself Free by Little Sparrow Ministries

Price: $18.99
Author: Judy Smith Little Sparrow Ministries
Subtitle: Little Sparrow Ministries
Format: 8.25 x 11" Paperback
Length: 149 Pages
Published: 2011

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Truth must come forth to find Gods plans for your life and for restoration of your body, soul, and spirit. We believe that this divinely-inspired book will enable you to see the truths in your life clearly and make correct choices.

This is a biblical approach to deliverance. It allows you to work at your pace in the privacy of your own home. God is interested in the condition of your heart. He will meet you wherever you are.

Table of Contents

Part One

Doctrinal Affirmation

Beginning Prayer

Deception vs. Truth Prayer

Part Two

Generational Bondages/Curses Prayers

Forgiveness Prayer

Root of Bitterness Prayer

Pride vs. Humility Prayer

Pride Check List

Releasing Ungodly Soul-Ties Prayer

Soul-Ties: Negative Power of Spoken Word

Sexual Sins Prayer

Part Three

Occult Practices Inventory

Occult Practices Prayer

Additional Deliverance Prayers:

Bondage vs. Freedom

Rebellion vs. Submission


Substance Abuse

Freemasonry Prayer

Freedom from Catholicism

Part Four

Deliverance Prayers

Part Five

Closing Prayer

Maintaining Freedom

Armor of God

Cleansing Your Home

Cleansing Your Land

Part Six

Kingdom Diagram

Lower Ranking Demons

Water Baptism

Holy Spirit Baptism

Spoken Word-Positive or Negative Power

Prayer for Breaking Word Curses, Witchcraft, and Plans of the Enemy

Forgiveness The Heart of God

Who You Are in Christ

Signs Associated with Occult/New Age Involvement

Glossary of Occult/New Age Terms

Occult Signs and Symbols

Jewelry with Occult Signs and Symbols

Hand Signs Associated with the Occult

Books and References Studied

Recommended Healing and Deliverance Resources