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Seed of a Nation
Seed of a Nation by Darrell Fields

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Author: Darrell Fields
Subtitle: Rediscovering America
Format: Paperback
Length: 255 Pages
Published: 2008

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So brilliant was William Penn’s American legacy that Thomas Jefferson, writer of the Declaration of Independence, called him, “the greatest lawgiver the world has produced.” And brilliant he was . . . not only because Penn’s Charter of Privileges provided the framework for the United States Government but also because of the underlying freedom it provided all people. In fact, our twenty-eighth president, Woodrow Wilson, was so convinced of William Penn’s contributions to America’s foundation that he said, “America did not come out of New England.”

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Dutch Sheets
Part 1: Promise
Chapter 1: Into the Light
Chapter 2: The Architect of Freedom
Chapter 3: The Seed of a Nation
Chapter 4: Born of Covenant
Chapter 5: William Penn Removed

Part 2: Broken Trust
Chapter 6: The Gathering Storm
Chapter 7: The Disgrace of the colonies
Chapter 8: The French Make Their Move
Chapter 9: Distant Thunder

Part 3: A Time for War
Chapter 10: Forlorn Hope
Chapter 11: Lightning Strikes
Chapter 12: The Fury of the Storm
Chapter 13: The Final Dispossession

Part 4: Reconnecting
Chapter 14: Rediscovering America
Chapter 15: Putting an End to Hostility
Chapter 16: Keeping Covenant
Chapter 17: Replanting the Seed


The Seed of a Nation is a wake-up call to America. Over the last several years the Church has been repenting for the iniquitous ways of our unrighteous forefathers. The question Darrell Fields is asking, “Do we have the courage and faith to walk in the ways of America’s righteous fathers?” William Penn understood his covenant with God and could therefore be God’s ambassador of extending His covenant to the indigenous people of this land. Darrell has made it clear that God’s blessings upon America depend upon keeping our covenant with Him. The evidence of which is reflected in our keeping covenant with others. The blood of innocent people through breaking covenant with God and those He created in His image defiles this land. The Native Americans know that more than their white brothers. Our hope now lies in the ever living and powerful blood of Christ to reconcile and restore.
Jean Steffenson, President, Native American Resource Network, Castle Rock, CO

Broken covenants result in curses. More than 800 treaties (solemn covenants) with American Indians were made. Not one was kept! How much repentance, by how many, will be required to set America free? Repentances must become concrete and specific. Darrell Fields’ book details, in historical clarity, what needs repentance in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states, and thus America. Whoever reads can not help but shed tears of guilt and shame – godly sorrow that produces earnestness and zeal for repentance and restitution. On the other hand, The Seed of a Nation rings a clarion bell of celebration, for it reveals not only seeds of evil for repentance but the historical fact that the seed of faith, with all the wondrous fruits of the Spirit – love, respect, trust, admiration, gentleness and forgiveness – is just as deeply rooted in the foundations of our country. The questions of the book resound – who will respond? And which foundation shall be allowed to stand as that which governs our destiny? Only the readers’ replies can tell.
John Sandford, Elijah House, Inc.

About the Author:
Darrell and Lorrie Fields, founders of The Seed of a Nation, Inc., have a vision to awaken the conscience of a nation by retelling the epic American story of covenantal government. The first edition of The Seed of a Nation sold out quickly and has led to this highly anticipated second and revised edition. Darrell and Lorrie are asked to speak across the nation regarding William Penn’s enduring contribution to the founding of the United States of America.