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Secrets to Thriving in Babylon
Secrets to Thriving in Babylon byTim Paskert

Price: $9.99
Author: Tim Paskert
Subtitle: A Guide to Thriving in a Chaotic World
Format: Paperback
Length: 118 Pages
Published: 2022

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Babylon represents people, cultures, businesses, and even nations where Christians represent a minority. Babylon’s rules and acceptable practices often contradict the Bible’s truth regarding morals, lifestyles, and ethics. However, the Bible encourages Christians to live, raise families, and prosper while living in Babylon. So, how can a Christian prosper within an anti-Christian environment?

This is written for those of us who are made by our Creator to be the laborers, the mid-level managers, the homemakers that live each day dealing with an increasingly chaotic world. This book reveals God’s ways for His children to not just survive, but to thrive while living and working in a culture that doesn’t follow the teachings of Christ.

Two-time author, Tim Paskert reveals practical, actionable, relevant, Biblical truth in this riveting and eye-opening book, Secrets to Thriving in Babylon. Tim takes hard to see godly principles and relays them in a simple and witty matter.

By understanding and implementing the secrets God has provided for thriving, you can experience a daily abundance of peace, love, joy, mercy and contentment. You will also find God’s purpose in your daily grind.

Jesus Christ is above all cultures, nations, and opinions. He made you to thrive while living within cultures that do not believe in Him. It’s time to experience the adventure of following Christ’s wisdom and power while embracing the place He has made for you within Babylon.

Table of Contents:
Secrets to Thriving in Babylon
Chapter 1: Live in Reality
Chapter 2: You Are a Good Fig
Chapter 3: Chasing the Wind
Chapter 4: What If Your Employer Offends You?
Chapter 5: How to Get Promoted in Babylon
Chapter 6: What If Your Boss Makes a Stupid Decision?
Chapter 7: What to Do When Your Boss Requires You to Break God’s Law?
Chapter 8: My God-Given Purpose?
Chapter 9: Change Is a Reality
Chapter 10: Trusting God’s Sovereignty
Chapter 11: A Boss to Work For
Chapter 12: The Conclusion of the Matter