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Secret to the Christian Life
Secret to the Christian Life by Gene Edwards

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Author: Gene Edwards
Subtitle: Fellowshipping With the Lord
Format: Paperback
Length: 150 Pages

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Read the Bible, pray, go to church, tithe . . . is this what it means to live the Christian life? Is there more to living the Christian life than following a list of rules? Have we overlooked the main point? Does your Christian life need to be revolutionized? How did Jesus Christ live by the Spirit? What practical steps can we take today?

If you find yourself unsettled with Christianity-as-usual . . . If you want practical steps on how to know Christ in a fresh, new way . . . Then The Secret to the Christian Life is for you. Youll also want to look for The Highest Life and The Inward Journey, the companion volumes in Edwardss Introduction to the Deeper Christian Life.

Table of Contents



Part 1

Chapter 1: Formulas Found Wanting

Chapter 2: Identifying the First Visible Christian

Chapter 3: How Did Jesus Christ Live the Christian Life?

Chapter 4: The Only Christian

Chapter 5: The Christian Life in the Age before Eternity

Chapter 6: The Christian Life in the Godhead

Chapter 7: Has the Christian Life Been Altered?

Chapter 8: Jesus Christs Ultimate Secret

Chapter 9: Questers

Chapter 10: The Re-radiating of the Christian Life

Chapter 11: Stage Four

Chapter 12: The Gentile Secret

Chapter 13: Johns Suggestion

Chapter 14: The Secret to the Christian Life . . . Spectacularly Overlooked

Chapter 15: A Strong Recommendation

Part 2

Chapter 16: Do You Have Four Months?

Chapter 17: Eternal Elements

Chapter 18: Assignment One

Chapter 19: Assignment Two

Chapter 20: Assignments Three and Four


Observations and Warnings

The Danger of Knowing Him

Are Only the Literate Invited to the Fullness of the Christian Life?

Recommended Reading

About the Author

Gene Edwards is a beloved storyteller and has written many books, including The Divine Romance and A Tale of Three Kings. He holds a B.A. in English literature and history from East Texas State University and an M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Gene was for many years a pastor and evangelist, and he continues to travel widely, teaching seminars on the deeper Christian life. He and his wife, Helen, live in Florida.