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Sealed Unto My Coming
Sealed Unto My Coming  by C.R. Oliver

Price: $18.95
Author: C.R. Oliver
Format: Paperback
Length: 604 Pages

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Table of Contents:

Important Message
Part 1: Torah, Joshua, Judges, Seals of Prophets and Kings
Chapter 1: Revealing the Sealing
Chapter 2: Joshua through Judges
Chapter 3: Ruth, I, II Samuel and I, II Kings

Part 2: A Chronology of Prophets
Chapter 4: Obadiah, Prophet of Doom and Joel, Prophet of First Warning
Chapter 5: Jonah’s Sealed Sermon
Chapter 6: Amos and Hosea: Prophets to the Northern Kingdom
Chapter 7: The Seals of Isaiah
Chapter 8: Micah’s Three Dimensions
Chapter 9: Nahum’s Seal of Nineveh
Chapter 10: Zephaniah’s Three-Fold Seal
Chapter 11: Jeremiah Journey
Chapter 12: Habakkuk’s Harangue
Chapter 13: A Look at Lamentations
Chapter 14: Daniels’ Determinations
Chapter 15: The Seal and Ezekiel
Chapter 16: considering Haggai’s Seal
Chapter 17: The City of the Seal
Chapter 18: Chronicles’ Spiritual Seals
Chapter 19: Ezra’s Three Part Seal, Part 1
Chapter 20: Esther’s Seal
Chapter 21: Ezra’s Three Part Seal, Part 2
Chapter 22: Ezra’s Three Part Seal, Nehemiah, Part 3
Chapter 23: Malachi’s Seals

Part 3: Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Job
Chapter 24: Psalm’s Seal
Chapter 25: Proverb’s Seal
Chapter 26: Ecclesiastes’ Seal
Chapter 27: Solomon’s Seal
Chapter 28: Job’s Seal

Part 4: Matthew Through Acts: The Great High Priest with Face of Glory
Chapter 29: Y’shua’s Seal: Matthew
Chapter 30: The Trilogy of the Seal: Mark, Luke, John
Chapter 31: Power in the Seal

Part 5: Chronological Writings of the New Testament – Seal of the Martyrs Under the New Testament
Chapter 32: Liberty in the Seal
Chapter 33: Preserved in the Seal – I, II Peter
Chapter 34: Sealed In and Sealed Out: Jude
Chapter 35: Communion in the Seal: I, II, III John
Chapter 36: Messiah and the Seal: Revelation

Part 6: Paul’s Chronological Writings Seal of the Eastern Gate
Chapter 37: Sonship and the Seal: Galatians
Chapter 38: Standing in the Seal: I, II Thessalonians
Chapter 39: Stewardship of the Seal: I, II Corinthians
Chapter 40: The Scope of the Seal: Romans
Chapter 41: The Fullness of the Seal: Ephesians
Chapter 42: Position in the Seal: Colossians and Philemon
Chapter 43: Unity in the Seal: Philippians
Chapter 44: Ministering to the Seal: I Timothy
Chapter 45: People of the Seal: Titus
Chapter 46: Testing the Seal: II Titus

Part 7: The Book of Hebrews – The Seal of the Shofars and Bowls of Revelation
Chapter 47: Perfection in the Seal: Hebrews
Addendum Section