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Satan Fears You'll Discover Your True Identity
Satan Fears You'll Discover Your True Identity by Charles Kraft

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Author: Charles Kraft
Subtitle: Do You Know Who You Are?
Format: Paperback
Length: 170 pages
Published: 2019

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Satan knows something that most of us fail to realize: Human beings are the crown of God’s creation. His masterpiece made in His image. When we miss this truth, when we hold on to a low self-image shaped by failure or defeat, we give the enemy power over us – and he wins.

In this powerful and fortifying book, Charles Kraft helps you grasp your position of inestimable value in God’s eyes. While unmasking the spiritual assault on every believer, he answers questions like these:
  • What does your existence mean to God?
  • What does it mean to Satan?
  • What is deep-level healing?

The battle for your self-image is winnable! In partnership with Jesus, you can discover your true identity. The enemy knows who you are. Do you?

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Douglas Hayward
Chapter 1: Low Self-Image
Chapter 2: Satan Is Not happy about Us
Chapter 3: Inner or Deep-Level Healing
Chapter 4: In the Image of God
Chapter 5: Compared to Angels
Chapter 6: Chosen before Creation
Chapter 7: Adopted into God’s Family
Chapter 8: Redeemed
Chapter 9: Dignified by the Incarnation
Chapter 10: The Apostle Peter
Chapter 11: Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 12: Temples of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 13: Able to Create Others
Chapter 14: Doing the Stuff
Chapter 15: Yoked to Jesus
Chapter 16: Partnering with Jesus
Chapter 17: Thoughts and Beliefs
Chapter 18: Doing and Being
Chapter 19: Who We Are in Three Dimensions


The identity and authority of Christ followers, the age-old conflict between Christ followers and power of darkness, and the importance of inner healing prayer for increased spiritual freedom are key life messages of Charles Kraft that he skillfully brings together in this short yet powerful book. I highly recommend it!
John Jay Travis, Ph.D., affiliate professor of intercultural studies and spiritual dynamics, Fuller Theological Seminary

About the Author:
Charles H. Kraft is the president of Deep Healing Ministries, an inner healing and deliverance ministry; vice president of Hearts Set Free Ministries; and the author of more than thirty books. He retired from the faculty of the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary after forty years as professor of anthropology and intercultural communication. He continues to conduct seminars around the world on spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance. He and his wife, Meg, live in Pasadena, California.