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Ruling in Their Midst
Ruling in Their Midst by June Lewis

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Author: June Lewis
Subtitle: A Bible Study on Spiritual Warfare
Format: Paperback
Length: 111 Pages
Published: 1986

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What is the great battle that is taking place in the heavenlies today? How did it start? Which armies are battling? How can we help and what are our weapons?

Whether we know it or not, there is a great battle between good and evil in these last days. Yes, it is taking place in the heavenlies, but the effects of it are made manifest upon the earth. The Church of Jesus Christ has been called to warfare, to become soldiers of the cross. If you have not joined in this warfare, it is time to leave behind the childish things and, through this book, eat the meat of the Word that will qualify you to do battle with the enemy. If you are already a warrior, this book has many secrets that will strengthen you in battle.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Origin of Satan
Chapter 2: Dealing with the Accuser
Chapter 3: The Angelic Creation
Chapter 4: The Name of the Lord
Chapter 5: Using Our Weapons Effectively
Chapter 6: Opening the Way for Revival
Chapter 7: God Looks for a Man
Chapter 8: Divine Decrees
Chapter 9: Special Promises to Intercessors
Chapter 10: Sons Who Reap the Harvest