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Restoration of Zion
Restoration of Zion by Michael Scantlebury

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Author: Michael Scantlebury
Subtitle: Pattern for Building
Format: Paperback
Length: 76 Pages
Published: 2019

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When you hear the word “Zion,” what comes to mind?

As Christians we have sung the choruses and the hymns about Zion or Mount Zion, but do we fully understand just what we are singing about? Do we fully know what it is? The Bible promises the full restoration of Zion, and if we do not fully know what Zion is, what then do we anticipate in terms of its restoration?

The greatest hindrance to accurate interpretation and application of Scripture is a futuristic view of Scriptures. This futuristic view of Scriptures continues to rob the believer of experiencing God in His fullness in the here and now.

Here we are about to uncover within the Scriptures exactly what Zion actually represents to the New Testament believer. So lay down any preconceived ideas and delve into the pages of this book and let it speak truth to you.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: A Brief History About Earthly Zion
Chapter 2: Meaning of the Word Restoration
Chapter 3: A Look at Zion and Its Application
Chapter 4: God’s Resting Place
Chapter 5: Hebron
Chapter 6: The Mt. Zion Church
Chapter 7: Indeed We Have Come to Mt. Zion
Chapter 8: Living in the Kingdom Age
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About the Author:
Michael Scantlebury is founder and senior elder of Dominion-Life International Ministries, and Apostle and Founder Emeritus of the Kingdom-Impact International Network. He travels and ministers a strong Kingdom message out of a burning desire to see the Church come to full maturity for greater function on earth. He lives with his wife, Sandra and their three adult children in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.