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Rebuilding the Altar
Rebuilding the Altar by Pat and Karen Schatzline

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Author: Pat and Karen Schatzline
Subtitle: A Bold Call for a Fresh Encounter With God
Format: Paperback
Length: 209 Pages
Published: 2017

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Many long for a closer walk with God, but He seems far away. They go to church. They read the Bible. But they don’t experience His presence. Why? Because many have forsaken the altar – the place where God is found. When we truly encounter Him again, the light and power of God will flow to our homes, then to our houses of worship, then to the nation, and we will never be the same.

In Rebuilding the Altar authors Pat and Karen Schatzline passionately challenge you to return to the altar. You see, the altar is not just a physical location or an instrument in a church or synagogue. Through Christ we can experience a daily encounter with Jesus, who became our altar. We must declare this truth to the deceived. We must raise a standard of holiness without compromise. We must bring hope to the hurting. It’s time for change. It’s time to return to the altar . . . and encounter God.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by John Kilpatrick
Foreword by Dr. Mark Spitsbergen
Our Prayer for You
Introduction: Calling the Altared!
Chapter 1: Meet Me at the Altar!
Chapter 2: Where Have the Altars Gone?
Chapter 3: Burning Hearts and Broken Bread
Chapter 4: Tie Me to the Altar
Chapter 5: After the Altar Comes the Whisper
Chapter 6: Dismantling the Altar of Offense
Chapter 7: When Tomorrow Becomes Today
Chapter 8: Rebuilding the Altar in Your Home
Chapter 9: Are You Out of Breath?
Chapter 10: We Are Revival!
Chapter 11: The Famine and the Harvest
Chapter 12: I’s Time to Burn for Him!


Pat and Karen Schatzline speak my language as they call on believers everywhere to rebuild the altars of personal devotion and to encounter the living God in a fresh new way. In ancient Israel it was a law that the fire on the altar could never go out, yet all too often, in our own walks with the Lord, that holy fire get extinguished. That’s why Pat and Karen write with such passion and conviction, pointing us back to that place of divine encounter and giving us a vision for our own lives, for our families and churches, and for the nation as a whole. It’s time for a fresh awakening!
Dr. Michael L. Brown, President, Fire School of Ministry

About the Authors:
Pat and Karen Schatzline are international evangelists who colead Remnant Ministries International and the I Am Remnant Movement. They are known for their passion to lead people of all ages into deep encounters with God. They are frequent guests on Christian television and radio shows such as The Jim Bakker Show, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, and Ask Dr. Brown, as well as on networks. They have written several books, including Why Is God So Mad at Me?, I am Remnant, Dehydrated, and Unqualified. Married since 1990, they make their home in Birmingham, Alabama. Their joy is their daughter, Abby; son, Nate; daughter-in-love, Adrienne; and grandsons, Jackson and Anderson.