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Real Spirit of Revival
Real Spirit of Revival by Bert Farias

Price: $13.99
Author: Bert Farias
Format: Paperback
Length: 176 Pages
Published: 2012

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Bert Farias is an experienced and anointed missionary revivalist to the Church and the nations, who seeks to make disciples, not merely converts. In this book, Bert challenges the status quo of Christianity today and redefines its true spirit which is one of revival and of living the Spirit filed life.

With one eye on the coming glory of the Lord and His soon return, and another eye on the harvest of souls yet to be reached, this book takes the reader into a preparation to becoming a true lover of Jesus and a passionate worker in His kingdom. These vital truths that dot each chapter of this book are sure to awaken you as one from a deep sleep and light a fire in your soul.

If you are tired of a mundane relationship with God, and desire to burn with His holy fire, this book is a must read.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Hardness of Heart
Chapter 2: Personal Revival
Chapter 3: First Love Lovers
Chapter 4: Be Filled with the Spirit
Chapter 5: Sweet Surrender
Chapter 6: Rejoicing in the Spirit
Chapter 7: Consecration
Chapter 8: The Martyr Heart
Chapter 9: Eternity in the Heart
Chapter 10: Evangelize or Die
Chapter 11: Heaven, Hell, and Holiness
Chapter 12: Holiness and the Lord’s Return
Chapter 13: The Holy Spirit and Personal Holiness
Chapter 14: Preparing for the Lord’s Return
Chapter 15: The Judgment Seat of Christ
Chapter 16: Spiritual Dangers
Chapter 17: The Restoration of Pentecost
Chapter 18: What is True Revival?
Chapter 19: Where is the Awesome Holiness and Irresistible Power of God?
Chapter 20: Prophecies and Visions from Yesterday that Warn Us Today
Chapter 21: Nuggets of Revival and the Hope for a Third Awakening
Addendum: Holiness Scriptures
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