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Real Deal
Real Deal by Jim Bryson

Price: $14.99
Author: Jim Bryson
Subtitle: The Life, Death and Resurrection of Robert Clayburn Nash
Format: Paperback
Length: 153 Pages
Published: 2020

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These are stories told to me from the life of my friend Clay Nash, known to many as Apostle Clay Nash. The stories are true and accurate . . . mostly. They flow from the spirit of the events and tell of a man’s heart bent on authenticity before God.

The heart of a true husband and father, the loyalty of a covenant friend, an accurate prophet, a wise apostle. In the Real Deal, you’ll see his transformation. You’ll be impressed and amazed at the master potter’s grace and skill, and thoroughly convinced that God still finds purest gold in miry clay. I’m proud to call Clay Nash my friend.
Dutch Sheets, Network Ekklesia International; Author

Table of Contents:
The Killing
Mom and Dad
A Birth
Coming Apart
Wheeling and Dealing
Make Me Cry
Dawn of Day
Nikki Revisited
Home Truckin’
By Grace
Highway of God
Last Call

About the Author:
Jim Bryson operates Spring Mill Publishing, where he writes, edits and publishes for a variety of authors. Jim and his wife, Jacqueline, live in Sharpsburg, MD. They have five children, six perfect grandchildren and a spoiled cat. Jim’s passion is to elevate and refine the voice of authors, bringing their words to a hungry world.