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Pursue, Overtake, Recover All
Pursue, Overtake, Recover All by Daniel Okpara

Price: $15.99
Author: Daniel Okpara
Subtitle: 21 Days Fasting, Prayers, and Prophetic Declarations for All-Round Victory, Restoration and Breakthrough in 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 269 Pages
Published: 2017

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Declare God’s promises, receive His direction and empowerment, manifest His victory, and command divine restoration in every area of your life.

God is speaking to us about total restoration 2018. The Holy Spirit is saying that God will restore to us what the enemy has stolen, kidnapped, or damaged in our lives. He will give us total victory all through the year, in Jesus’ name.
What are your goals this year?
Do you need a miracle in your marriage, business, career or relationship?
Do you want a new way to make money and grow your income?
Do you want to overcome your weight problems and live healthier?
Do you need God’s intervention in your home, regarding the kids or your partner?
Do you want to break the threat of death in your dreams and curses over your life?

Don’t worry, let’s wait on the Lord for 21 days and nights and commit everything to Him. He will enable you to achieve what truly matters.

This book contains powerful prayers and prophetic declarations to command victory in all areas of your life and full restoration this year.

Table of Contents:
Prophetic Declaration for the Year
Our Purpose of Praying
Getting Started: Opening Prayer
Chapter 1: How to Use This Book
Chapter 2: Scripture for the Year
Day 1: Thanksgiving Continues
Day 2: Prophetic Declaration for the Year
Day 3: Repositioning Yourself
Day 4: Shedding Tears is Good, But Spiritual Action is Better
Day 5: Dealing with Friendly Enemies
Day 6: Power to be Encouraged
Day 7: Divine Direction: Prayers for Guidance
Day 8: Grace to Fight for the Weak
Day 9: Striking the Enemy
Day 10: Recovering all
Day 11: Power to Practice “Advance” Forgiveness
Day 12: The Power of Kingdom Mindedness
Day 13: Dealing with Attitudes of Failure
Day 14: Prayers for Your Family
Day 15: Commanding Financial Breakthrough
Day 16: Praying for the Land
Day 17: Healing is Our Portion: Prayers for Healing
Day 18: You Shall Not Die but Live: Prayers for Long Life
Day 19: Under His Shadow: Prayers for Protection
Day 20: God is Answering Our Prayers
Day 21: Seven Powerful Declarations of Victory
Bonus Day: Midnight Praise
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About the Author

About the Author:
Daniel C. Okpara is a husband, father, pastor, businessman and lecturer. He has authored over 50 life-transforming books on business, prayer, relationship and victorious living. He is the president of Better Life World Outreach Center, a non-denominational evangelism network committed to global prayer revival and evangelism. He is a computer engineer and programmer by training, and holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Cornerstone Christian University. He is married to Prophetess Doris Okpara, his payer warrior best friend, and biggest support in life. They are blessed with two lovely children.