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Principles for Victorious Living Vol 1
Principles for Victorious Living Vol 1 by Michael Scantlebury

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Author: Michael Scantlebury
Format: Paperback
Length: 141 Pages
Published: 2017

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Michael Scantlebury has an obvious anointing. It particularly takes everything ranging from the Lord’s and His apostles’ teachings to stories within the Old Testament to show us God’s providence in supplying us with all that we need to live in the hear and now in Kingdom victory. His keen insight that’ evident in this book makes everything about the ancient writings of the Bible most current and practical and can be applied to each day of our lives.

The information contained herein is well-balanced with a spiritual maturity that keenly stems from wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ. This is the anointing of an apostle and the truths that our brother shares will certainly cause you to excel in the Kingdom of God long before this life is over when later we enter the eternals. There’s so much to experience today in this life and Michael extracts so much from the Word of God to facilitate that. His insights of revelation and ability to interpret and articulate what his spirit receives from the Lord are powerful.

This is book four in the Kingdom Advancing Prayer series.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: An Apostolic Prayer Covering Request
Chapter 2: Iconoclasts
Chapter 3: Dismantling of a Territory’s False Gods
Chapter 4: Understanding the Word of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 5: Benefits of Possessing Understanding
Chapter 6: Freedom! Liberty!
Chapter 7: Apostolic Mindsets
Chapter 8: Great Maturity: A Prototype
Chapter 9: The Desire of Jesus Christ Towards His Church
Chapter 10: The Benefits of Oneness/Unity
Chapter 11: The Power of Fellowship and Networking
Chapter 12: Lessons from the Life of David Part 1
Chapter 13: Lessons from the Life of David Part 2
Chapter 14: Divine Detour
Chapter 15: Prayer Hindrance Part 1
Chapter 16: Prayer Hindrance Part 2

About the Author:
Michael Scantlebury is founder and Senior Elder of Dominion-Life International Ministries and the Apostle and Founder of the Kingdom Impact International Network. He travels and ministers a strong Kingdom message out of a burning desire to see the Church come to full maturity for greater function on the earth. He lives with his wife Sandra and their three adult children in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.