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Precious in His Sight
Precious in His Sight by Harold Eberle

Price: $12.95
Author: Harold Eberle
Subtitle: A Fresh Look at the Nature of Humanity
Format: Paperback
Length: 120 Pages
Published: 2012

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It is time for Christians to embrace a more positive view of humanity. How evil are we? How can I love myself if I am evil? What happened when Adam sinned? How does that sin influence us? Where do babies go when they die? This book, considered by man y to be Harold Eberle’s greatest work, has implication upon our understanding of sin, salvation, who God is, evangelism, and how we live the victorious life.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Jesus’ View of Humanity
Chapter 2: Created in God’s Image
Chapter 3: The Origin of Original Sin
Chapter 4: Augustine’s Great Error
Chapter 5: Total Depravity
Chapter 6: Misusing Key Scriptures
Chapter 7: Conceived in Sin?
Chapter 8: Eternally Separated?
Chapter 9: Sin Entered the World
Chapter 10: Generational Sins?
Chapter 11: Sin and Death Reign
Chapter 12: Pelagian?
Chapter 13: Born Dead or Alive?
Chapter 14: Innocent and Unashamed
Chapter 15: Do Dead Babies Go to Hell?
Chapter 16: God Stated the Consequences
Chapter 17: Romans One and Two
Chapter 18: They Turned Aside
Chapter 19: Sinful Nature?
Chapter 20: Propensity for Good or Evil?
Chapter 21: The Nature of Jesus
Chapter 22: Semi-Pelagian?
Chapter 23: Look at People
Chapter 24: Evil People
Chapter 25: Implications in Relationships
Chapter 26: Implications of Control
Chapter 27: Implications for Victorious Living
Chapter 28: Implications on How You Live

About the Author:

More than 25 years ago, Harold R. Eberle left the pastorate to embark on a worldwide traveling ministry. In addition to his extensive speaking schedule, he has helped found a dozen Bible colleges in Africa and written more than 25 books. Harold ministers in many different denominations and Christian organizations. He is also a visiting instructor at several Bible colleges and seminaries. His passion is to see the whole Church rise in victory and maturity.
Today, Harold and Linda, his wife of 34+ years, live in Yakima, Washington, where they raised their three children who are now grown. Yakima serves as headquarters for their ministry known as Worldcast Ministries and Publishing.