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Prayers and Proclamations
ArsenalBooks.com: Prayers and Proclamations Derek Prince

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Author: Derek Prince
Format: Paperback
Length: 189 Pages
Published: 1990/2010

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Derek Prince presents a treasury of Scriptures that have brought powerful results in his life. You, too, can experience dynamic changes in your walk with the Lord. In these pages, discover how you can . . .

  • Prosper
  • Live a full life
  • Receive healing
  • Reign with Christ
  • Renew your strength
  • Experience God’s favor
  • Overcome Satan’s power
  • Abide in God’s protection
Learn how to use the bible as the authority over trials and temptations. With these guidelines, you will have victory in your life, because God always keeps His promises.

Table of Contents:

Proclaiming God’s Word
Chapter 1: Proclaiming the Word
Chapter 2: What It Means to Proclaim
Chapter 3: Multiplying the Power of Communication
Chapter 4: The Rod of Moses
Chapter 5: Taking Hold of God’s Word
Chapter 6: The Word and the Spirit Together
Chapter 7: Learning to Tremble at God’s Word
Chapter 8: Executing God’s Judgment
Chapter 9: Exercising Authority
Chapter 10: Overcoming Negative Thinking
Chapter 11: Protection through Proclamation
Chapter 12: Financial and Physical Needs
Chapter 13: Proclamation in National and International Affairs
Chapter 14: Concerning Christianity and Opposing Forces
Chapter 15: How to Utilize These Declarations
Chapter 16: The Fear of the Lord
Chapter 17: Righteousness and Holiness
Chapter 18: Health and Strength
Chapter 19: Guidance, Protection, and Preservation
Chapter 20: God’s Intervention in Human Affairs
Chapter 21: Testing and Trials
Chapter 22: Spiritual Conflict
Chapter 23: Perfect Redemption
Chapter 24: Mental and Emotional Stability
Chapter 25: Serving God
Chapter 26: The Divine Exchange
Chapter 27: Confession for Overcomers (Let the Redeemed Say So)
Chapter 28: By This I Overcome the Devil
Chapter 29: Declaration of Confidence in God’s Protection
Chapter 30: Proclamations on Behalf of Israel
Chapter 31: Twelve Steps to a Good Year
Scripture Index