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Power of Prophetic Prayer
Power of Prophetic Prayer by Kynan Bridges

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Author: Kynan Bridges
Subtitle: Release Your Destiny
Format: Paperback
Length: 220 Pages
Published: 2016

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If prayer can alter the course of history and reshape the world, then why don’t believers pray more? Prophetic prayer is so much deeper than a religious exercise; it is actually the supernatural catalyst that enables us to experience the power and presence of God in every area of our lives. If believers only knew the power of prophetic prayer, they wouldn’t struggle to bend the knee.

Through biblical study and practical questions, The Power of Prophetic Prayer will take readers on a spiritual discovery of the unique words, convictions, and declarations God is longing to hear from each one of His followers.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jennifer LeClaire
Chapter 1: The Power and Purpose of Prayer
Chapter 2: The Spirit of Prophecy
Chapter 3: Beyond the Veil
Chapter 4: Approaching the Throne of Grace
Chapter 5: Understanding Your Prophetic DNA
Chapter 6: Prayer Changes Things
Chapter 7: Prophetic Decrees
Chapter 8: Binding and Loosing
Chapter 9: Overcoming Prayerlessness
Chapter 10: Becoming a World Changer
Chapter 11: Prayer: The Greater Work
Chapter 12: Accessing the Heavenly Realm
Chapter 13: Teach Us to Pray
Chapter 14: The Power of Effectual Prayer
Chapter 15: Releasing Your Destiny Through Intercession
About the Author

Want to be more effective in prayer? Want to make history before the throne of God? Want to learn from a veteran champion and not a novice? Then go no further! Destiny is staring you right in the face through the life, ministry and writings of Kynan Bridges. The Power of Prophetic Prayer will definitely increase the level of revelation in your life, give you strategic understanding of the practical how-to’s of prayer, and propel you into prayers that strike the mark!
Dr. James W. Goll, Founder, Encounters Network

In his new book, Kynan Bridges take the reader on a journey of discovering their God-given power. He combines Scripture with practical application from his own life stories, all while weaving prophetic prayers, insights and practicums throughout the teaching. This book is a muscle-builder for those who want to transform their life and the lives of others through prophetic prayer!
Cindy Stewart, Pastor, The Gathering, Tarpon Springs, FL

About the Author:
Through his profound insights into the Word of God and his dynamic teaching ministry, Kynan Bridges has revolutionized the lives of many in the body of Christ. He is the senior pastor of Grace & Peace Global Fellowship in Tampa, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Gloria, and their four children.