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Power of Honor
Power of Honor by Fawn Parish

Price: $12.99
Author: Fawn Parish
Subtitle: Learning to Love Well
Format: Paperback
Length: 224 Pages
Published: 1999

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Arsenal Note: This is a re-release of the fantastic book Honor by Fawn Parish.

The Wonderful One is turning "pointing fingers" into outstretched hands that heal. Voices that once dripped with disdain, are beginning to bless. Instead of airing dirty laundry, lovers of God are washing feet. We are finding our former stance of accusation odious, and are choosing to become people who bless their cities and neighborhoods with practical, tangible servanthood. No longer content to be simply diagnosticians; we are becoming people who cure. The Power of Honor describes the compelling love of God demonstrated through those who love Him.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Dawson


Introduction: Two Words That Could Change the World

Chapter 1: The High Cost of Dishonor

Chapter 2: The Source of All Honor

Chapter 3: Honor Given to Man

Chapter 4: Honoring Gods Word

Chapter 5: Honor in Prayer

Chapter 6: Honoring the Bride

Chapter 7: Honoring Diverse Cultures

Chapter 8: Honoring Cities

Chapter 9: Honor Between Men and Women

Chapter 10: Honoring Difficult People

Chapter 11: Honoring Children

Chapter 12: Honoring Old Age

Chapter 13: Honoring the Helpless

Chapter 14: Honor in Language

Chapter 15: The Color of Worship

Appendix A: Praying by Listening

Appendix B: Covenant of Unity

Appendix C: Our Hands are Stained


This book can change the way you think and live. Fawn Parish issues a clarion call to restore the honor and dignity God wants us to show to all people, thus releasing a healing dynamic with great spiritual potency.

Dutch Sheets, Author, Senior Pastor, Freedom Church

Fawn Parish has written a message that the whole Body of Christ needs to read. It is insightful, challenging, and touches the heart. The Power of Honor is destined to be a classic that will be read from generation to generation.

Cindy Jacobs, Co-Founder, Generals International

The Power of Honor is one of the best Christian books I have ever read. A terrific writer and thinker, Fawn Parish illumines an aspect of Gods character that we rarely think about. Honor is not optional in a healthy Church or society but were not healthy. Consumed with our own egos and agendas, we have forgotten how to honor God and our fellow man. This book helps to reverse this destructive trend by teaching us what honor is, why it is essential and how we can extend it to others.

George Otis, Jr, Founder and President, The Sentinel Group