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Planting the Heavens
Planting the Heavens by Tim Sheets

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Author: Tim Sheets
Subtitle: Releasing the Authority of the Kingdom Through Your Words, Prayers and Declarations
Format: Paperback
Length: 206 Pages
Published: 2017

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The words we speak in prayer are like spiritual seeds. In the same way that planting seed in the ground produces a harvest, you can learn to pray in a way that plants the blessings of Heaven here on Earth.

Tim Sheets shares a revelatory new message that will take your prayer life to powerful new dimensions. Grasp the impact of your declarations and discover the power of praying the words that Heaven longs to hear!

Get ready to:
  • Pray with authority: learn how your prayers and proclamations are supernatural forces in the unseen realm.
  • Pray with confidence: bring your words into agreement with God.
  • Pray with expectation: partner with Heaven to transform your life, family, church, and region for the Kingdom of God.

Learn how to activate God’s timeless strategy for victory, blessing, and revival by planting the Heavens with seeds of prayer!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Robert Henderson
Chapter 1: Words Are Seeds
Chapter 2: Planting the Heavens
Chapter 3: The Dominion Mandate
Chapter 4: The Reigning Church, Christ’s Ekklesia
Chapter 5: Decree Your Authority
Chapter 6: Speak Like a King
Chapter 7: Come Here
Chapter 8: Don’t Get Nailed
Chapter 9: The Force of Words
Chapter 10: Building Blocks
Chapter 11: Mountain Moving Faith
Chapter 12: The Manifesto


Too many believers live far beneath their potential! God has empowered His children with His very own spiritual DNA. He destined them to overcome every hindrance that blocks the blessings of the Lord. These believers have the potential to rule over sickness, poverty, injustice, and any other attack of the enemy.
Tim Sheet’ very powerful and timely book, Planting the Heavens, provides keys to help believers shift to a new level of overcoming through the power of words. He releases revelation that unlocks supernatural faith. You will be strengthened and encouraged to use your voice to see the will of God released in the earth. I highly recommend Planting the Heavens to anyone desiring to call forth the will of God as His change agents!
Barbara Wentroble, President, International Breakthrough Ministries

There has never been a better time in the history of the nation to release this much-needed book. The nation has never been more assaulted by a war of words than in recent history. Negative words and pessimistic views have littered the landscape of the country until it has felt more like the “Divided State” than the United States. This new book will truly inspire you to treat your words with honor and with great expectations. Hebrews 3;1 calls Jesus Christ the “apostle and High Priest of our confession.” This book will admonish us to come into agreement with our heavenly Father and release the life of God as a dynamic force in the earth.
Dr. Patrick Murray, Senior Pastor, The Living Word Church, Vandalia, Ohio

About the Author:
Dr. Tim Sheets is an apostle, pastor, and author based in southwestern Ohio. A graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, he returned to Ohio in 1979 to pastor The Oasis Church in Middletown. His vision is to raise up people who will authentically demonstrate the Church on the earth and passionately evangelize the world. His heart is for awakening and reformation in America.