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Overcoming Spiritual Attack
Overcoming Spiritual Attack by Ryan LwStrange

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Author: Ryan LeStrange
Subtitle: Identify and Break Eight Common Symptoms
Format: Paperback
Length: 198 Pages
Published: 2016

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Do you ever feel as if everything that can go wrong is going wrong? In the midst of multiple crisis situations your mind seems heavy, your body tired, and your spirit dull. Part of you wants to ignore what you’re facing, part of you wants to fight like a mad warrior, and part of you feels as if you are drowning in a sea of despair. All these descriptions are signs of a spiritual attack.

This dynamic and insightful book will guide you through the process of breaking free by identifying the root of difficulties such as:
  • Lack of spiritual passion
  • Extreme frustration
  • Confusion about purpose
  • Sluggishness and tiredness
  • A strong urge to quit your assignment
  • Being drawn back toward old bondages and habits

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jennifer LeClaire
Chapter 1: What Is a Spiritual Attack
Chapter 2: Discerning an Attack
Chapter 3: Attack Symptom 1: Lack of Spiritual Passion
Chapter 4: Attack Symptom 2: Extreme Frustration
Chapter 5: Attack Symptom 3: Confusion About Purpose
Chapter 6: Attack Symptom 4: Lack of Peace
Chapter 7: Attack Symptom 5: Unusually Sluggish and Tired
Chapter 8: Attack Symptom 6: Strong Urge to Quit Assignment
Chapter 9: Attack Symptom 7: Drawn Back Toward Old Bondages
Chapter 10: Attack Symptom 8: Questioning Direction and Call That Was Once Clear
Chapter 11: The Battle of the Mind
Chapter 12: Three Types of common Attacks
Chapter 13: Freedom from Attacks

God wants to release breakthrough on every level in your life! He wants to remove the limits and the things that would hinder your walk with God. I love this book by Ryan LeStrange! It exposes every plot and plan the enemy would try to bring against you. Knowledge is power, and when you know what the enemy is doing, you can overcome him completely by God’s grace and strength. Overcoming Spiritual Attack will help you discern when there is something operating in the spirit realm against you. When you have discernment, you have authority. You don’t have to fight blindly. This book will empower you to overcome the spiritual warfare you are experiencing and give you the tools you need to overcome on a daily basis and live the abundant life Christ died to give you.
Matt Sorger, Prophetic Heling Revivalist; Author

Are you frustrated, exhausted, confused, doubting yourself, plus more? Too many people are ignorant concerning spiritual attacks. Ryan LeStrange not only lays out the symptoms of a spiritual attack, but he also provides the antidote. Read this book and become an overcomer. Ryan understands this subject and with maturity tackles it for our advancement. I recommend him as well as his book!
Barbara J. Yoder, Senior Pastor and Lead Apostle, Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center

In his new book, Overcoming Spiritual Attack, Ryan LeStrange not only diagnoses the symptoms of an attack but also skillfully prescribes the revelation to overcome it.
John A. Kilpatrick, Founder and Senior Pastor, Church of His Presence

About the Author:
Ryan LeStrange is an apostolic leader and prophetic voice. He and his wife, Joy, lead Ryan LeStrange Ministries. LeStrange has authored The Fire of Revival and Releasing the Prophetic. He is also the founder of Impact International Apostolic Fellowship, fathering and networking ministries. He leads New Breed Revival Network and is cofounder of AwakeningTV.com, an online media platform. Ryan and Joy have one son, Joshua.