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Overcomers Anointing
Overcomers Anointing by Barbara Yoder

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Author: Barbara Yoder
Subtitle: God's Plan to Use Your Darkest Hour as Your Greatest Spiritual Weapon
Format: Paperback
Length: 158 Pages
Published: 2009

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Though believers walk in the light, darkness still assails us. Sometimes we find ourselves stumbling along, desperate for Gods direction but feeling farther from Him with each step. Sharing biblical examples and her own personal struggles with spiritual darkness, Barbara Yoder unveils how God uses this place of uncertainty and solitude to forge new life in you. Coupled with hope an encouragement, the life-giving keys Barbara offers will help you:

  • find purpose and authority even in your darkest spiritual hour
  • break off the hindrances that imprison you
  • receive His power and new anointing and
  • rise up as an overcomer in the light of His glory

No matter what seemingly insurmountable challenges you encounter, don’t lose heart. God is at work preparing you for victory.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Chuck D. Pierce



Chapter 1: The Challenge of Darkness

Chapter 2: Behold, I Do a New Thing

Chapter 3: The God Who is Light

Chapter 4: The Breaking of the New Day

Chapter 5: God’s Heart for Restoration

Chapter 6: The Battle of Wills

Chapter 7: The Struggle to Believe

Chapter 8: The Voice

Chapter 9: Your Forerunner Anointing

Chapter 10: The Inextinguishable Light




Barbara Yoder has created a personal revival handbook for every serious Christian. The Overcomer’s Anointing is like Extreme Makeover: Spiritual Edition. We have all had times in which we feel doubts about our faith. The darkest times in our lives seem to shake our foundations, yet we try to put on a façade of spirituality that does not match our internal spiritual barometer. The Overcomer’s Anointing presents us with steps and encouragement toward personal victory. If each of us takes the responsibility to work through Barbara’s blueprint, the combined efforts of Christians would bring a revival unlike anything the Church has experienced to date. Barbara Yoder’s message is more than just words; it is life-giving food for the soul. You need this book. I know I do!

Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr., senior pastor Hope Christian Church;

founder and president, High Impact Leadership Coalition

Writing from a base of personal experience and biblical truth, Barbara Yoder addresses a challenge everyone faces in life: darkness. Insurmountable trials, tough circumstances, relentless troubles, the dark night of the soul . . . these are dark times that we need to know how to navigate. You will receive fresh hope for the victory that awaits you on the other side. Having faced the darkness in your own life, you can then speak to others in the midst of the darkness. A timely and encouraging book!

Jane Hansen Hoyt, president/CEO, Aglow International

About the Author

Barbara Yoder is senior pastor of Shekinah Christian Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and founder and director of Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries. The author of four books, including the bestselling The Breaker Anointing, she serves on the faculty of Wagner Leadership Institute, on the International Coalition of Apostles, and on the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. A widow with five grown children and six grandchildren, Barbara speaks extensively around the world.