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New Testament Church and Its Ministries
New Testament Church and Its Ministries by Bill Scheidler

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Author: Bill Scheidler
Subtitle: A Study of the Importance, Function and Ministries of the Local Church
Format: 8.5" x 11" Paperback
Length: 118 Pages
Published: 1980

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In these days of uncertainty in world affairs, God is building a sure house which is to be refuge from the storm. God has a glorious purpose which He wants to accomplish in and through that house in the earth today. If the Church is going to be all that it is intended to be, however, it is imperative that it be built according to the blueprint and design of the Heavenly architect. If the Church is going to demonstrate the glory of God to the nations, it is vital that every member of the Body of Christ be in his place of function and take his respective responsibilities as distributed by the Lord. This book details God’s glorious purpose in the Church, His dynamic plan for its construction and His tremendous concern for the active involvement of every member in the ministry to which he has been called. The purpose of the book is to give the reader a vision for what God wants to do in the Church, how He wants to work through the Church and how He wants to involve every individual in the corporate expression of the Church.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Church – The Mystery
Chapter 2: The Church – The Eternal Purpose
Chapter 3: The Church and the Kingdom
Chapter 4: The Nature of the Church
Chapter 5: The Church – God’s Peculiar People
Chapter 6: The Church – The Temple of God
Chapter 7: The Church – The Family of God
Chapter 8: The Church – The Body of Christ
Chapter 9: The Office of the Deacon
Chapter 10: The Office of the Bishop
Chapter 11: The Ministry of the Apostle
Chapter 12: The Ministry of the Prophet
Chapter 13: The Ministry of the Evangelist
Chapter 14: The Ministry of the Pastor
Chapter 15: The Ministry of the Teacher
Chapter 16: Other Body Ministries
Chapter 17: Conclusion

About the Author:
Bill Scheidler is currently the Administrator of Ministers Fellowship International and a teacher at Portland Bible College. He has taught at Portland Bible College since 1973 and served as the Dean of Students there for four years. He has also served as an elder at City Bible Church (formerly Bible Temple) since 1974. In addition, Bill is a member of the Apostolic Leadership Team for MFI and oversees the Church Planting department at City Bible Church. His work involves equipping ministers and assisting churches in the development of vision, structure and leadership training. He has written or co-written several books including The Principles of Church Life and Present Day Truths.