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New Era of Glory
New Era of Glory by Tim Sheets

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Author: Tim Sheets
Subtitle: Stepping Into God's Accelerated Season of Outpouring & Breakthrough
Format: Paperback
Length: 195 Pages
Published: 2018

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In this historic hour God is raising up a company of believers to serve as a divine intersection point between Heaven and Earth. All of the Spirit’s previous outpourings and anointings are being united and activated at the same time – in our time!

Bestselling author Tim Sheets presents a timely prophetic message. This revelatory word will position you for victory in this new era of Kingdom advancement and prepare you to walk in the glory that is your inheritance.

  • Get ready for the Great Convergence as all past moves of God are joined into one mighty river of glory to be released through you.
  • Arm yourself for battle as you start reclaiming the areas of your life, family, and society that the devil has infiltrated.
  • Receive accelerated answer to prayer by breaking the spirit of delay.
  • Speak forth anointed decrees and declarations to access Holy Spirit encounters, victorious spiritual warfare, and more!

Get ready! We are stepping into an hour where every past move of God’s Spirit is converging finding fullness and fulfillment. Learn how to come into alignment with this epoch moment and witness Kingdom victory, advancement, and outpouring like never before!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Dr. Chuck D. Pierce
Introduction: The New Era by Dutch Sheets
Chapter 1: A New Era
Chapter 2: The Standing King
Chapter 3: The Convergence of the Ages
Chapter 4: It’s Time to Rumble
Chapter 5: Growing Miracles
Chapter 6: Growing Dreams
Chapter 7: Angels and the New Era
Chapter 8: Angels Assist Prayer and Prophecy
Chapter 9: With God All Things Are Possible
Chapter 10: Spirit Language, Part 1
Chapter 11: Spirit Language, Part 2
Chapter 12: No More Delay
Chapter 13: The Church Makes Her Stand


Wow, wow, wow! What a book. This book I guarantee will ignite your spirit, kick your backside, inform you where we are in God’s timetable and tell you what to do. It is a breaker book for the new era we are in. It was difficult for me to put it down as it so captivated both my heart and mind, this spirit shifting me into the new. This is a marker book, a must read! Tim Sheets, you’ve done a stellar job in laying out fresh present truth!
Barbara J. Yoder, Lead Apostle, Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center

About the Author:
Tim Sheets is an apostle, pastor of The Oasis Church in Middletown, Ohio, the founder of Awakening Now Prayer Network, and author. He travels extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations, carrying his heart and vision for awakening and reformation. He teaches and ministers in conferences, Bible colleges, seminars and churches, releasing the authority of the believer and an anointing for signs, wonders, and miracles.