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Masquerade by Carl Gallups

Price: $19.99
Author: Carl Gallups
Subtitle: Prepare for the Greatest Con Job in History
Format: Paperback
Length: 394 Pages
Published: 2020

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Consider how so many of the institutions of education, entertainment, science, technology, and even “the church,” have been directly influenced and distorted by the demonic realm. And think of the younger citizens of this planet who have only known this kind of diabolical fakery – for their entire lives.

What kind of world-to-come is being created by this torrent of filth and fraud? Actually, the Bible gives us the answer. It’s all hurtling toward the kingdom reign of the man of lawlessness. And as it approaches, much of today’s church is sound asleep.

In Masquerade you will:
  • In the theater of your mind, walk with Jesus and His disciples along the shores of Galilee during a particularly revelatory time of His ministry.
  • Sit spellbound in a synagogue service and witness Jesus’ glorious presence there.
  • Discover the long-veiled truth of how the Matthew 13 “Kingdom parables” are specifically connected to our day.
  • Understand how those very same parables are also linked to Paul’s 2 Thessalonians’ prophecies of the last days, the rise of the antichrist, and the last day’s temple of God.
  • Discover the major gateways to demonic infestations and how to affect true deliverance from the addictions and heartaches that follow.
  • Dive headlong into the biblical, scientific, and experiential connections between the demonic realm, UFO’s, and the potential last day’s deceptions.
  • Rip off the masks of Satan’s agenda, and be infused with a renewed resolve to courageously advance the Kingdom work of Jesus Christ!
  • Learn of a specific end time vision, the testimony of which is literally sweeping the planet today.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Modus Operandi
Chapter 1: First Kingdom
Chapter 2: When Worlds Collide
Chapter 3: Synagogue Shenanigans
Chapter 4: The Challenge
Chapter 5: The Strong Man’s House
Chapter 6: Ripping Off the Mask
Chapter 7: The Keepers

Part 2: The Holy Place
Chapter 8: Something Wicked Comes
Chapter 9: In the Midst of God’s Temple
Chapter 10: The Jewish View
Chapter 11: A Rabbi in Tel Aviv
Chapter 12: Scholastic Honesty
Chapter 13: Don’t You Remember?
Chapter 14: Two Words

Part 3: The Strategy
Chapter 15: Subtle Infiltration
Chapter 16: Kingdom Clues
Chapter 17: The Vile Perversion
Chapter 18: Just a Little
Chapter 19: A Scheme of Error
Chapter 20: The Vanishing Bedrock

Part 4: Unmasking the Enemy
Chapter 21: Treason
Chapter 22: The First Masquerade
Chapter 23: The Plunge
Chapter 24: The Charade
Chapter 25: The Mighty One
Chapter 26: Howl!
Chapter 27: The Music Man

Part 5: Perspective
Chapter 28: Who Turned Out the Lights?
Chapter 29: It’s a Fake-Fake World
Chapter 30: It’s a Fake-Fake Universe?

Part 6: The Pretend Gods
Chapter 31: Test the Spirits
Chapter 32: Fallen or Unfallen? That Is the Question
Chapter 22: The Fallen
Chapter 34: The King, the Witch, and the Robe
Chapter 35: Messengers of Deception
Chapter 36: An Abandoned House
Chapter 37: The Galilee Connection
Chapter 38: The Genesis 6 Connection

Part 7: Gateways
Chapter 39: A Magical Power
Chapter 40: Talking with the Gods
Chapter 41: Depravity
Chapter 42: Camouflaged Connections
Chapter 43: What Happens
Chapter 44: The Garden Link
Chapter 45: Beguiled

Part 8: Clash of Kingdoms
Chapter 46: Gods and Thrones
Chapter 47: The Dark God Speaks
Chapter 48: The Target

Part 9: Arrival of the “Gods”
Chapter 49: Manifestation
Chapter 50: Why? Where? What?
Chapter 51: The Visiting Gods
Chapter 52: Look at Us!
Chapter 53: The Final Terror
Chapter 54: Igniting the Uniter

Part 10: The Way It Ends
Chapter 55: The Starry Sky
Chapter 56: Out of the Mouths of Babes
Chapter 57: A Word from God
Chapter 58: Damsel in Distress
Chapter 59: The Aftermath
Chapter 60: Last Things
Addendum – Deliverance
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