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Love Speaks
Love Speaks by  Carl Wesley Anderson

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Author: Carl Wesley Anderson
Subtitle: 21 Ways to Recognize Gods Multi-Faceted Voice
Format: Paperback
Length: 298 Pages
Published: 2016

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What if hearing God’s voice in new ways could help you continually experience His love, even when your life’s journey seems uncertain and you don’t have all the answers?

No matter what your faith background, you can grow stronger in His eternal love as expressed through the voice of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This book is an invitation to discover that God’s love is real. And His love is speaking to you. Personally.

Learn and recognize 21 ways the voice of God is reaching out to you
Grow in your ability to discern the authentic voice of God
Practically apply this teaching to help you share God’s love to the world

Table of Contents:
Foreword by J. Lee Grady
Introduction: Can You Hear Him – Now?
Section 1: 7 Very Common Ways the Lord Speaks
Chapter 1: Way 1: The Established Word – Give Me the Book!
Chapter 2: Way 2: The Living Word of Jesus – Baked Fresh Daily
Chapter 3: Way 3: The Inner Witness of the Holy Spirit – Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light
Chapter 4: Way 4: The Inner Voice of the Holy Spirit – Sensing the Divine Within
Chapter 5: Way 5: The Desires of Your Heart – Holy Spirit Inception
Chapter 6: Way 6: Father Speaks Through All of Creation and Nature – The Ocean of God’s Love
Chapter 7: Way 7: Providential Outward Signs and Circumstances – Prepare for Providence!
Section 2: 7 Common Ways the Lord Speaks
Chapter 8: Way 8: The Preaching of the Word of Jesus – The Fire and the Hammer
Chapter 9: Way 9: Other Believers Speaking Confirmation – Christ in Mouth of Friend and Stranger
Chapter 10: Way 10: Visions – Conscious Picture from the Holy Spirit
Chapter 11: Way 11: Dreams – Sub-conscious Picture from the Holy Spirit
Chapter 12: Way 12: Symbolic Speech: Metaphors from the Holy Spirit – Riddles in the Dark
Chapter 13: Way 13: Divine Appointments from the Father – Holy Coincidence, Batman!
Chapter 14: Way 14: Father Speaks Through All Forms of Media and Culture – Every Man a Braveheart
Section 3: 7 Uncommon Ways the Lord Speaks
Chapter 15: Way 15: The Revelatory Gifts: The Gift of Prophecy – Fighting Well in the Lord’s Battles
Chapter 16: Way 16: The Revelatory Gifts: The Word of Wisdom – Blueprints from Heaven
Chapter 17: Way 17: The Revelatory Gifts: The Word of Knowledge – Puzzle Pieces That Fit Together
Chapter 18: Way 18: The Revelatory Gifts: The Discerning of Spirits – X-ray Vision
Chapter 19: Way 19: Angels (by dreams or in reality) – Angels On Our Shoulders
Chapter 20: Way 20: Jesus Himself Appearing (by dreams or in reality) – He Moves Among the Candlesticks
Chapter 21: Way 21: The Audible Voice of the Father – Some Said It Thundered
Section 4: Practical Applications
10 Unique Personal and Outreach-Oriented Applications
Conclusion: You Can Recognize God’s Multi-Faceted Voice Today
Appendix: Counterfeit Voices
About the Author
Resources for Further Study: The Online Video Course

Love Speaks completely took me by surprise. I read books about hearing God all the time, and am always encouraged, but they don’t grip me the way that Love Speaks did. Carl shares so many stories along with some great illustrations of teaching that just help the reader connect to God’s voice in a variety of ways. A picture is worth a thousand words, and there are so many word pictures that help in this book that will help you, the reader, advance in your journey of hearing God’s voice! I love his writing style and felt hungrier for this very dear subject to my heart.
Shawn Bolz, Bestselling author of Translating God

Carl’s book is a must read for everyone who desires to go deeper in God. Abba, Father loves to speak to us and reveal His heart in our everyday lives and Carl passionately and practically teaches you how to listen and respond to His loving voice. Get ready to enjoy new realms with God!
Ryan Bruss Producer for Sid Roth’s, “It’s Supernatural”

About the Author:
Rev. Carl Wesley Anderson is an international equipping evangelist and documentary filmmaker. His vision, through itinerant ministry and his unique calling as a medial missionary, is to inspire and equip believers for passionate discipleship and hearing God’s voice. He resides in Buffalo, Minnesota, with his wife, Sarah, and their three children.