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Lifequest by Mark Chironna

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Author: Mark Chironna
Subtitle: Navigating the Gap Between Your Current Reality and Your Future Destiny
Format: Paperback
Length: 180 Pages
Published: 2015

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Have you taken a leap of faith in life, only to discover that you have crossed an invisible threshold that seems to have launched you into an unfamiliar place where nothing looks or works the way it used to? Do you feel stranded on strange seas without a map or a compass? Does it feel as if you are drifting through life without a rudder, or as if you are rowing hard but getting nowhere fast?

Welcome to the “gap” – a messy but miraculous patch of real estate that lies between your current state of reality and the location of your destiny. Traversing that gap is a vital step in the journey of all human beings, regardless of their race, gender, or creed.

The assumption that God is in control of absolutely everything in our life will be challenged as we enter the gap to find that this notion isn’t necessarily so. When you arrived on this planet, you weren’t handed a script to memorize and follow. You were surely created with a grand design in mind, one that includes your capacity to invoke, evoke, and provoke personal destiny.

Through LifeQuest, seasoned people-helper, semiotician, professional certified coach, and master consultant Dr. Mark Chironna will guide you to chart a course for your life’s journey. He will help you to ask the right questions and show you that change is not your enemy. Buy back those missed moments and don’t waste another minute of your life. Get started on your LifeQuest today!

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Leonard Sweet
Chapter 1: Hello to the Rest of Your Life
Chapter 2: The Nowhere Between Two Somewheres
Chapter 3: Your Journey, Your Story
Chapter 4: Journey and Pilgrimage
Chapter 5: the Inadvertent Designer
Chapter 6: the Wide-awake Designer
Chapter 7: Alive on the Threshold
Chapter 8: The Alchemy of change
Chapter 9: Transition Mastery
Chapter 10: Metamorphosis
About the Author


You’re excited about your future. You have a vision for your life, each step precisely calculated to reach your destination. You’re ready to proceed, steady on course, when, out of nowhere, something stops you in your tracks. You’re confused, concerned, and unable to make sense of this place you’re in. Now what? Dr. Mark Chironna is one of the most intellectually brilliant men I know, and, in his newest book he blazes a path of discovery into, as he so profoundly puts it, “the nowhere between two somewheres.” I strongly recommend this book to help you navigate through life’s journey!
Che Ahn, Apostle, Senior Pastor, HRock Church

Mark Chironna’s new book will awaken you to the depths of your life calling and will inspire you to embrace your God-given purpose. LifeQuest offers a beacon of hope to those floundering in a sea of indecision and hopelessness, and it will shift the very foundation of what it means to come into agreement with the Kingdom of Heaven to fulfill your destiny. If you want to be challenged and quipped to change the way you live, then this book is for you!
Kris Vallotton, Co-Founder, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry; Author

About the Author:

Mark J. Chironna has been an influential leader with global reach, clarion voice, and prophetic insight for over four decades. His message of wholeness through the integration of the spiritual and psychological is heard across the globe in almost 175 nations. He serves as the presiding bishop of Legacy Edge Alliance, a worldwide fellowship of senior apostolic leaders and churches. Dr. Chironna also holds multiple advanced degrees in theology and psychology and is the founder and senior pastor of Church on the Living Edge in Orlando, Florida. He and his wife, Ruth, have two sons and three grandchildren.