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Let the Sea Resound DVD
Let the Sea Resound by George Otis Jr

Price: $19.99
Author: George Otis Jr - The Sentinel Group
Format: DVD
Published: 2004

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In an earlier, but not so distant age, the nation of Fiji groaned under the weight of superstition and sorcery: ancestral spirits roamed freely promising abundance and demanding their due: tribal fighting was gruesome and frequent. Fueled by revenge and greed, violent warriors depopulated entire villages – even islands.

Today’s Fiji bears no resemblance to its former self.

This 79-minute documentary covers the astonishing revival hat is currently sweeping though the nation of Fiji. It is a moving and instructive testament of unprecedented Christian unity, contemporary signs and wonders, rapid church growth and genuine socio-political transformation. The breath of God has revived even the land and the sea.

Two-and-a-half years in the making and distilling more than 300 hours of footage, this may we be The Sentinel Group’s most powerful documentary to date.