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Legacy: The Lost Art of Blessing
Legacy: The Lost Art of Blessing by Debbie Kitterman

Price: $16.99
Author: Debbie Kitterman
Format: Paperback
Length: 207 Pages
Published: 2022

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What if you could leave a legacy able to impact your children, grandchildren, and generations to come? What if that legacy could ripple out through your descendants to heal, restore, and draw people to Christ?

A blessing can speak life into every situation and alter the very atmosphere. More than mere encouragement, blessings – especially those charged with the prophetic breath of God – are saturated with a Gospel hope that can echo through the ages . . . if only we would us them. But somehow, many believers no longer understand the biblical art of blessing and the incredible power blessings wield.

Pastor/teacher Debbie Kitterman redeems this Godly practice by deftly unpacking the history and intent of blessing and offering simple, effective strategies to unleash its potential legacy.

And what will you be left with? The ability to impact the world!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Our Words Open Spiritual Doors
Chapter 2: The Power of Spoken Words
Chapter 3: What is a Blessing?
Chapter 4: A Living Eulogy
Chapter 5: Are Blessings Biblical?
Chapter 6: Aaron’s Blessing
Chapter 7: Are Blessings for Today?
Chapter 8: Blessings and Curses
Chapter 9: Psalm 23 as a Blessing
Chapter 10: Jewish Culture/Tradition
Chapter 11: Why Speak Blessings
Chapter 12: How and Whom We Bless
Chapter 13: Prophecy
Chapter 14: Prophetic Blessing
Chapter 15: Types of Blessings
Chapter 16: Leaving a Legacy
Chapter 17: Crafting a Blessing
Chapter 18: Exercises in Blessing
Chapter 19: Be a Blessing

About the Author:
Debbie Kitterman is a natural born encourager who is on fire for God. She is passionate about equipping individuals so they can go deeper in the relationship with God, reach their God-potential and claim their Kingdom inheritance. Debbie is a wife, mother, author, pastor, speaker and the founder of Dare 2 Hear, a ministry training individuals in hearing the voice of God. Her writing and teachings inspire faith and build bridges for people to believe and expect the impossible.