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Leaving Church Becoming Ekklesia
Leaving Church Becoming Ekklesia by Tim Kurtz

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Author: Tim Kurtz
Subtitle: Because Jesus Never Said He Would Build a Church
Format: Paperback
Length: 195 Pages
Published: 2017

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Upon this rock, I will build my . . . Church – the central identifying word that encompasses the entire religious spectrum. It is the buildings we go to, the sectarian ideology we adhere to, it is the core of our spiritual identity. Church – the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, the called-out ones. Church – Evangelical, Pentecostal, Catholic, and Non-Denominational. Church – the guardian of doctrine, the ark for lost souls, the social bastion for the righteous. We have embraced and perpetuated a culture around this single word. A word never spoken by Jesus Christ. Church – a word that should have never existed for believers.

In this book, Tim Kurtz explores the word ‘church’. Leaving Church Becoming Ekklesia reveals what Jesus really said He would build. He never said He would build a church. Jesus is building His ekklesia. When you understand this truth, you will want to embrace your true identity in Christ and be among those who turn the world upside down. Get ready for a life changing journey . . .

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Understanding Transition
Chapter 2: A Glimpse of the First Century
Chapter 3: Necessary Transitions
Chapter 4: How Ekklesia Became Church
Chapter 5: Six Characteristics of a Major Transition
Chapter 6: Activating Ekklesia
Chapter 7: Defining Ekklesia
Chapter 8: Ekklesia Today
Chapter 9: Revisiting Our Gatherings
Chapter 10: Where Do You Go from Here?
Suggested Resources
Appendix A: 12 Principles of Home Gatherings
Appendix B: The New Testament Values

About the Author:
Tim Kurtz is the founder of The Ekklesia Center (formerly The Center for New Testament Church Development). The mission of the center is to establish, develop and release networks of house gathering that reflect the values and structure of first century Christianity. He has been in ministry over 30 years, serving the past 25 years as the Senior Pastor of New Life Ministries International, a ministry founded by him and his wife, Carolyn. The ministry is transitioning into several inter-dependent house gatherings. Tim and Carolyn have been married for 44 years.