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Last Days Survival Guide
Last Days Survival Guide by Rick Renner

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Author: Rick Renner
Subtitle: A Scriptural Handbook to Prepare You for These Perilous Times
Format: Paperback
Length: 451 Pages
Published: 2020

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The Holy Spirit warned that “perilous times” would come in the very last of the last days. We are in that time frame now, so it is imperative that we know how to survive victoriously. Scripture prophesies that spiritual tempests will spread across the world with far-reaching consequences. But we do not have to be a casualty of these storms!

In this eye-opening survival guide, Rick Renner covers prophetic scriptures about the end times and how to prepare for them. He teaches:
  • What the word “perilous” really means and why God is alerting you.
  • What exact characteristics will mark society in the very last days.
  • What actions to take to protect yourself and those you love.
  • Strategies to stop the devil from attacking you and your loved ones.

If you’re concerned about what you are witnessing in society – and even in the Church – the answers you need to maintain your victory are in this book! It’s a survival guide for thriving in these perilous last days.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Tag – We’re It!
Chapter 2: Why God Calls the Last Days Perilous Times
Chapter 3: Why This Warning to the Church?
Chapter 4: Boastful, Proud, Blasphemous, and Disobedient to Parents
Chapter 5: the Dark Connection Between Unthankful and Unholy
Chapter 6: The Breakdown of the Family, Widespread Divorce, Covenant-Breaking, and the Devil in the Courtroom
Chapter 7: Incontinent – When Society Casts Off Restraint
Chapter 8: Fierce, Despisers of Those That Are Good, Traitors, Heady, High-Minded, Lovers of Pleasure More Than Lovers of God
Chapter 9: The Last-Days Masquerade and a Final Showdown
Chapter 10: How to Victoriously Navigate Last-Days Stormy Weather
A Final Prayer
A Final Confession of My Faith
Prayer for Overcoming These Perilous Times
Prayer to Receive Salvation
Prayer to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
About the Author


Rick’s book Last-Days Survival Guide is a common-sense scriptural handbook to guide us through these prophetic end times in which we are living. This book is timey; it’s urgent; and it’s now.

Rick’s message is loud and clear: perilous times are here, and you don’t have to be caught unaware or off-guard. We are the generation chosen for this hour, and it is our destiny to close out this age! And Rick doesn’t just identify the problems; he also gives sound answers for thriving n these perilous last days. So, stop everything you are doing, and read this book now!
Ward Simpson, President and CEO or GOD TV

About the Author:
Rick Renner is the author of more than 30 books, including the bestsellers Dressed to Kill and Sparkling Gems from the Greek 1 and 2. His understanding of the Greek language and biblical history opens the Scriptures to enable readers to gain fresh insight from God’s Word. Rick is founder and president of Renner Ministries, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and host to his TV program aired around the world in multiple languages.